Credit: The Ainsworth

There are so many brunch options in Manhattan, with several offering the same ol same ol with not much diversity.  We all have that picky eater in our lives, who can never figure out what they really want, so why not find a place that will suit them and keep you relaxed and happy in the process?  The Ainsworth is that spot, and we are here to tell you why!

The Ainsworth just opened their third location in Manhattan on 64 Third Avenue in the East Village.  That is pretty telling of a space’s success that they are able to open a third location, but really it is a fun atmosphere to be in with great food and drink options that anyone would enjoy.

Credit: The Ainsworth

I first went there back in April of this year, and was impressed by the spaciousness of the location, the sports bar feel of it without it being annoying, and the copious amounts of food we ordered was so delicious and filling that it left me feeling happy and full.

The Ainsworth takes their brunch very seriously, as do I, so they definitely have options out there that work for anyone.  Here’s a list of the types of people you may bring with you to brunch and the options they can have that will leave them feeling just like I did when I first left:

Credit: The Ainsworth

For the health freak: try the Coconut Pineapple Parfait with cinnamon Greek yogurt, toasted coconut flakes and fresh pineapple.

For the hangover cure: three words – Classic Egg Benedict, with charred sausage and avocado on an English muffin

For the cheat day: check out the famed Mac & Cheese Burger – a panko crusted mac & cheese patty, layered with a beef patty, mac & cheese to top it off on a sesame bun

For the breakfast lover: Stuffed French Toast, filled with strawberry sweet cream and topped with mixed berries

For the Instagram: if you’re trying to be #basic, look no further than the Avocado Toast

See?  Everyone’s happy.  And so will you.  For more information on The Ainsworth, please check out their official website.