Margherita NYC
Credit: Margherita NYC

If you find yourself in Little Italy, chances are you are going to want to indulge in some of the best Italian cuisine that this gem of Manhattan has to offer.  If there is one spot you should truly go to, it’s Margherita NYC, who take classic Italian ingredients and excel them in a modern world.  Here’s why you should go.

Credit: Margherita NYC

What I love about places like Margherita NYC is that there are no hidden tricks up their sleeves, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that will scare the latest tourist from trying in fears that they have no idea what they are about to eat.  No, this spot is classic 101 with it’s hearty Italian cuisine, and I ate up every bite while I was there.

They only use natural ingredients from Italy, the crust on the pizza is light and delicious, and most importantly… it tastes good to boot.  The tasting that we were provided with was simply stellar, with each option tasting better than the last (but all great).

Credit: Margherita NYC

The pizza we were presented with was their Diavola, which was perfectly spicy and tasted incredible.  The spicy cured salame mixed with the freshness of the basil, tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella proves how great Italian cuisine can really be.

Another classic, their Spaghetti al Pomodoro, is proof that you don’t really need to do much in order to make something taste great.  Spaghetti, meatballs and San Marzano tomato sauce with basil.  Simple, but amazing.  I downed every last piece of pasta until it was gone.

Credit: Margherita NYC

If you still have room for dessert, as you should, there is nothing better than finishing up your meal with a big helping of Tiramisu. Once again, another classically Italian dish that was fluffy and filling all at the same time.

If you are looking for a great time there outside of what we had, then you should stop by between January 24th and 28th, where Michelin starred chef Giuseppe Costa, will be executing an amazing four course, wine paired menu for a limited amount of guests.  This takes place during NYC Special Week, and what he’s preparing definitely sounds special.

For more information on Margherita NYC, please check out their official website.