Ikinari Steak
Credit: Ikinari Steak

In only one year, Kunio Ichinose’s Ikinari Steak has gone from one location to three due to its burgeoning popularity it has experienced with thousands of Manhattanites.  It’s third location just opened up in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, where the space inside was jam packed as people couldn’t wait to get their taste buds on the authentic and delicious steak each chef was serving.

We were first introduced to Ikinari Steak back in February of last year, where they opened their first location up on East 10th Street.  Since then, they have opened two more locations, one being in Chelsea and their most recent opening in Hell’s Kitchen on West 46th street between 8th and 9th avenue, which is already a major foodie hub to begin with.

Ikinari Steak is a chain that has seen great acclaim and growth in Japan for bringing the American style or “super thick cut beef” steakhouse experience to the east.  Known as the “standing steakhouse”, Ikinari has brought it’s unique concept from its island home to our little island metropolis.  Restaurateur and chef Kunio Ichinose started with his first outpost in December 2013, and, since then, has grown the brand to over 100 locations in Japan, with 60 in Tokyo City alone.

Now, it’s popularity has become massive in Manhattan, as we could not wait to dig in to what they were serving us on a cold Thursday night.

Credit: Ikinari Steak

The types of steaks you are able to get there are pretty cut and dry, ranging from Top Ribeye to Sirloin and Filet.  Each come with corn and a side option that includes salad or their garlic pepper rice, which was legitimately some of the best rice this dude has ever tasted.

The steaks themselves will make you very full upon completion, if you make it there, as the super thick cut of beef tastes out of this world amazing with its variety of spices that they put on as well as mastery of its execution once its presented to you.  No need to order anything massive beforehand, the steak with the fixings is good enough.  Trust us on this one.

For more information on Ikinari Steak, please check out their official website.