Credit: Row NYC Hotel

One of our favorite hotels to stay at in Manhattan is Row NYC Hotel, and has been for over three years now. The amenities one receives when staying at Row NYC far exceeds several other hotel hotspots in The Big Apple, as they provide you with so much more than your average hotel room.

The Row Hotel, Fox Greenberg, Manhattan Digest
Credit: Row NYC

Located in Midtown West, or Hell’s Kitchen, or the Theatre District (whatever suits your fancy), Row NYC is at the epicenter of all things that make Manhattan so great.  I am not the biggest fan of the surrounding areas (Times Square for the most part), but the convenience for any tourist who is coming here to get to that area as well as some of the best foodie spots in our city (more to come on that) and so much more is worth the booking.

Credit: Row NYC

Row NYC, which won Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards in 2015, has a colorful vibe about it which you feel immediately when you head upstairs and check in with one of the very friendly attendants.  The lobby and its surroundings are very spacious, which works if you want to hang out for a bit before heading out for the big day.

Row Hotel NYC, Manhattan Digest
Credit: Row NYC

The rooms have splashes of delicious colors like orange, black, white and so much more and make each space unique and fancy unlike any other.  There’s a sort of glam and glitz element to it that reminds you of something that Mick Jagger or Elizabeth Taylor would’ve stayed in back in the day, but with a much more modern feel.

City Kitchen, The Row Hotel, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: City Kitchen

Of course, you can go out and try all the yummy food that NYC has to offer.  However, you don’t really need to go that far as Row NYC is situated right next to City Kitchen.  City Kitchen has been one of our favorite all encompassing type of eateries, as you will find several different types of restaurants situated inside its cafeteria type setting.  Everything from a delicious lobster roll at Luke’s to a peanut butter and bacon burger at Whitman’s and some fresh and out of this world tasty donuts at Dough will complete your culinary journey without having to step out onto the streets of New York.

Credit: Row NYC

District M, which is steps down from City Kitchen, is another example of how you really never have to leave Row NYC.  The bar type setting is great for a social evening out, with some tasty cocktail options to enjoy while scarfing down some of their hand-stretched pizzas, salads and more.

It’s really hard to find something to dislike about Row NYC, as they truly do their best to give you everything you want in a fabulous Manhattan setting.  Definitely a place you’ll want to book as the weather gets warmer.  For more information, check out their official website.