MáLà Project
Credit: MáLà Project

Sometimes, you can’t keep a good idea or concept down.  MáLà Project, the East Village hotspot known for its creative cuisine called Chinese Dry Pot, has officially open its second location today in the heart of Bryant Park!

MáLà Project, which has been opened for close to three years, immerses itself in a new school Chinese restaurant offering unique delicacies in a chic and comfortable setting.

Credit: MáLà Project

So what is Chinese Dry Pot exactly? It is a merry ritual and a representative dish in Chinese cuisine enjoyed by millions of people.  The secret of the dry pot is in the sauce and it requires laborious making process and takes the most sensitive taste buds to discern the golden ratio of the 24 kinds of Chinese medicines.

We reviewed this amazing location back in November of last year, and we fell in love with the out of this world flavor that not only was put inside the dry pot, but everything else that came with it.  What blew my mind was the flavor depth that came about when you put all the ingredients together into one pretty bowl, and the end result being something so tasty that I wanted to come back for more and more.

Try anything, try putting sweet and savory together, like Pork Belly, Pineapple and Mushrooms.  It works!  And hopefully, thousands more will get to experience how amazing this place as as their Bryant Park location opens today.

Credit: MáLà Project

The new location has a focus of a business crowd, offering a selection of convenient lunch combos such as “Got Lamb?” “Chicken Over Things” “I’m All In” etc., catered to both single diners and large groups, and designed to meet customers’ needs for a quick yet satisfying meal.  In other words, everyone is welcomed no matter what your arrangement is, and it’s worth the try during your busy day and your less stressful night.

They are located at 41 West 46th Street.  For more information on MáLà Project and their new location, click here.