Egg Shop
Credit: Katie Burton

Eggs are an important part of any meal, quite frankly, yet the focus on them seems to be very breakfast-heavy.  Egg Shop, located in the heart of Nolita, is changing how people think about eggs when it comes to not only the time of day in which they have them, but the creative ways in which you can eat them.

Located a mere couple of blocks from several subway lines that lead down to its Elizabeth Street location, Egg Shop prides itself on some incredibly tasty sandwiches (ones that worked wonders on Valentine’s Day) and more that highlight the egg in a truly yummy way.

Credit: Katie Burton

Husband and wife team Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis opened their first Egg Shop location with chef Nick Korbee in Soho back in 2014, and since then have found much success for Manhattanites and its dwellers who happen to love all things egg.

The location in Nolita, which I went to with a good friend of mine on Thursday, is moderate in size, and reads as a fancier version of a classic diner you would find scattered across Manhattan.  The weather that day was far sunnier compared to the terrible snow storm we had the day prior, which was an indication of just how wonderful this location will be once the warmer weather comes as Nolita has a very spring-summery vibe to it that makes it very attractive.

The food that Chef Korbee and his team is able to create is nothing short of extraordinary, as the two of us dove mouth first into several different options, all of which highlighted the egg in some sort of amazing way.  If there is one dish you have to try that far exceeded my expectations and then some, its their Hot Chix.  This comes with spicy fried chicken, sunny side up egg, pickled carrot, English cucumber, cilantro, pickled jalapeno, chili aioli and is served between a panini roll.  It’s a lot of ingredients, but it works.  This was literally some of the best fried chicken I have ever had, and the flavors that go along with it make for such a pungent and tasty sandwich.

Credit: Egg Shop

Something that we both loved, that had a very hearty taste to it, was their El Camino.  We aren’t talking about the car here.  This came in a bowl with a poached egg, avocado, pulled pork carnitas, housemade black bean salsa, shaved red cabbage, fried tortilla and cilantro.  Superb.  This was more of a Mexican take on what an egg dish can be, and even though the poached egg inside was runny and delicious, the carnitas for me was the true star of the show as it packed so much incredible flavor inside of it.

Both of these options were more on the savory side, so we wanted to switch it up a bit and try something on the sweeter end.  The Chai French Toast really sealed the deal as a great finisher to an already fab meal, as the dark chocolate ganache, fresh berries, fiji apple and maple syrup was absurdly sweet in all the right ways.  So freaking yummy.  Also, as a side, get their buttermilk biscuits.  Deelish.

For more information on Egg Shop, please check out their official website.