Strip House
Credit: Strip House

When it comes to dining at a steakhouse, the one item you don’t usually beeline for is a burger.  That’s generally because, well, it’s a steakhouse, however there are exceptions to this rule if said burger is made really, really well.  One of those spots happens to be Strip House, which has an off-the-menu burger that is sinfully delicious and a must try the next time you are at their legendary midtown location.

Strip House, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Strip House

There are three Strip House locations in the city – Strip House Midtown, Strip House Downtown and Strip House Speakeasy. The midtown location has only been open for about six years now, but has comfortably found its place only a couple of blocks away from Times Square on one side and Grand Central on the other (check out our original review here).

Credit: BR Guest

They are known for their incredible line of top notch steaks as well as their insanely decadent 24-layer Chocolate Cake which isn’t for the faint of heart whatsoever.  The new off-the-menu burger, however, is incredibly delicious and will make you think twice about ordering one of their steaks the next time you find yourself at Strip House.

They are calling it The no LTO Craft Burger.  It comes with Chargrilled Wagyu Beef Burger, Smoked Gouda, Yuzu Pickles, Bonito Flakes Aioli, Texas Toast, Pommes frites & Sriracha Ketchup. The burger is offered in the bar/lounge area at Strip House Midtown, as well as at Strip House Speakeasy.

First of all, Wagyu beef is superbly tasty and one of the highest quality of meats in the world, so you already have that going for you.  The smoked gouda and yuzu flavored pickles then add a flavor that compliment the beef wonderfully.  I would have never in a million years thought of doing a burger like this with Texas Toast, but it works really well with all the other flavors, making it for a wonderful dish.  The frites and sriracha ketchup are also a nice addition, as the ketchup has a great amount of spice in it that works well with the frites overall.  Definitely a great alternative to order at an already fabulous location.

For more information on Strip House, please check out their official website.