Sugar Momma
Credit: Sugar Momma NYC

Who doesn’t love a hidden gem to rave about in Manhattan?  So many spaces in The Big Apple are cleverly placed throughout the area that may not catch the eye at first, but once you discover just how amazing they are, you are going to want to tell your friends all about them so they can have their own experience as well.  Sugar Momma is one of the best kept foodie secrets in Manhattan, but we are about to blow the lid off that with this yummy review.

Sugar Momma, which is located on Cliff Street (I honestly never knew this street existed prior to last week) in FiDi, is housed inside a coffee shop called Hole in the Wall, yet the space itself doesn’t resemble the name of said shop whatsoever as its fun design brings this location to life in ways many others don’t.

Credit: Sugar Momma

Something that became instantly noticeable is how the space becomes very dark as the night begins, but with the presence of a red neon sign that sports the words “Hello Gorgeous” on them, Sugar Momma becomes lit up with an intimate and super cool atmosphere that rivals any space around it.

The tone of this place has a contradiction to it that I found to be quite amusing.  On top of the red neon sign that warms up the entire location, there is also the elements of music and movies inside of it where they play classics like Casablanca (on mute, mind you) where the music playing has nothing to do with the Humphrey Bogart classic as songs from Jay-Z, Nelly and The Fugees engulf your hearing and make for quite the juxtaposition as the night went on.

The menu, albeit quite small, is split up into small and larger dishes, which can easily be translatable into appetizers and entrees.  No desserts yet on the menu, but the food was so good that it doesn’t really need it.

Executive Chef Brent Hudson’s menu features a ton of robust items that span the culinary globe in terms of what you would like to order.  Stand out dishes for me included their Burrata with prosciutto and melon, Hummus and Spiced Cauliflower Dip, Truffle Beef & Shroom Burger with crispy bacon, house pickles, caramelized onion and special sauce and their Satay Chicken Curry.  All four of these dishes have themes that come from all over the world, yet there was a ton of cohesive elements to them that worked very well for the setting we were in.

Credit: Sugar Momma

If you are looking to enjoy a chill night with a friend on a random Tuesday or so, then Sugar Momma is definitely the place to be.  This will no doubt be one of the places we will be jetting to this spring, summer and beyond.

For more information on Sugar Momma, please check out their official website.