Renaissance New York Midtown
Credit: Renaissance New York Midtown

The Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel is one of the most conveniently placed spaces to crash in The Big Apple, as its location is close to several iconic landmarks in the city that never sleeps.

Something that Renaissance New York Midtown has going for them over plenty of other hotels in Manhattan is truthfully their address.  They are located on West 35th street between 7th and 8th avenue, which is beyond perfect for the everyday tourist who wants to see some of the most historic spaces that our city has to offer, including Madison Square Garden, Times Square, and several other places that I myself would like to avoid but millions of others flock to year round.

Credit: Renaissance New York Midtown

My jadedness isn’t taking anything away from the wonderful experience that the staff of Renaissance New York Midtown provided me when I stayed there recently.  The hotel definitely sticks out in the best way possible in an area that tends to be a bit rough around the edges and a tough place to navigate given the amount of foot traffic that surrounds it.

First of all, it’s quite a large space.  Renaissance New York Midtown, which is part of the Marriott chain of hotels, boasts 29 floors of guest rooms, meeting spaces and culinary outlets, whereas several hotels in Manhattan only provide about 5-10 floors.  Something that was quite impressive about this location was the spaciousness of their lobby area, located on the sixth floor.  In here, you can check in of course, but you can also relax at their bar (Thread Bar) located directly behind the front desk, which gives some wonderful views of our beautiful city as you sip on some of their delicious cocktails.

Speaking of, Renaissance New York Midtown provides some pretty phenomenal views of our city no matter which floor you stay on.  I was given access to one of the higher floors during my stay there, which gave such an amazing view of Manhattan and what still makes it so unbelievably special to this day.  As someone who has lived and worked here for almost a decade now, you forget just how much beauty this city really has to offer, and its great that it takes a hotel to remind you of that with one pull of a curtain.

Credit: Renaissance New York Midtown

The room itself that I stayed in was moderately sized, with a perfectly comfortable bed and bathroom combination that complimented the view that I was given.  This location, which has only been open for two years now, seems to be doing pretty well for itself given how busy the lobby area was, as other people are clearly noticing all of the amenities that Renaissance New York Midtown is able to provide that go beyond what others can offer in this bustling city.

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