The conference is only a few months away and if you are a gaming fan, we are sure you would be interested to know more about it. Don’t worry, we have got all the information you need.

When and where will this event be held in 2018?

The Alice Peny Engineering Building will be the place where the IEEE GEM will take place this time. It is located at the National University of Ireland Galway. Date of the event: on August the 15th. It will last two days, until Aug. 17th.

How long has IEEE GEM been organized?

In the beginning, it was first known as the “International Games Innovation Conference”.

The first conference was in 2009 in London. After that, Canada and the USA have been the other venues. The event was renamed as GEM to encompass other trends associated with technology and interactive entertainment tools.

What was the inspiration for it?

No topic on casinos (such as Casino online at Caesars) will be presented this time. Playing casino online has become another way to make money but this topic has been discarded. If you are still interested in trying out online casino games, we would suggest you to go in for casino online at Caesars that offer you the best of games, with easy funding in.

The activity was first sponsored by Consumer Electronics Society with the objective to expand knowledge on digital games technologies through the dissemination and presentation of pre-reviewed and reviewed papers.

The purpose of GEM is to show how digital game technologies can be implemented. The conference also considers academic research as the only reliable information. That’s the tradition.

What can you expect from this conference?

This year, the IEEE GEM will feature a total of speakers (the list of the specialists is available on the Internet). All of them are international speakers.

This time, the conference will gloss the use of VR as a way for entertainment. Augmented reality will also be a topic of interest at the conference.

VR and AR as teaching tools is a today’s trend.

Likewise, the speakers will be talking about usage of gaming technology in the healthcare field. Another topic they will be explaining there is the influence of digital arts and humanities.

Added to this, Richard Bartle and Jackie Morie, two of the most eminent experts in Virtual World technology will share their insights.

As a plus, there will be some panel sessions. They are:

– Games and Data for health.

– Game developers.

– The art of immersion.

– Augmenting the Learning experience.

Anyway, back to the topic. Apart from the above, you also other specialists will be providing workshops on the following topics:

– Deep learning and edge-AI

– IoT and Cybersecurity

– Game developers.

What special things would I get if I attended?

Aside from more than 20 poster sessions, the conference will also be offering a social program.

Following this activity, delegates will be travelling and exploring Western Ireland. They will be studying the rich heritage of this land that extends for over 1.500 miles along the coast. A trip to Galway has been included too.