Credit: &pizza

Who would’ve ever thought that putting blueberries on a pizza would taste good?  That ingredient just happens to be part of one of the tastiest slices of pizza i have ever had, and &pizza is the one to take credit for that.  Here’s why their NoMad location is the alternative to the norm we have all come to know and love.

With locations in five different states (DC, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia), &pizza is definitely on its way to becoming a new fast-casual spot that you will be enjoying hopefully on a weekly if not nightly basis.

Fast-casual has become one of the biggest trends here in New York City, as busy Manhattanites are looking to sink their teeth into something super delicious to goes beyond the boring & basic burger & burrito (see Melt Shop as a fabulous example for this).  &pizza is definitely that, but it is good that you slow down a bit to really enjoy all that each of their locations has to offer.

I visited their NoMad location the other day, and felt as if I was walking into a giant boombox from the early 1990’s that just happened to have delicious pizza inside.  The black and white art designs that cover the wall bring you back to a different time period, as it goes beyond what you would usually see at a local pizza joint.  For other places like this, the focus is on the food and not necessarily the aesthetic.  For &pizza, its both, and that extra effort that is put in does not go unnoticed.

&pizza has a variety of unique pizza options that are shaped vertically and taste deliciously (rhyme time)!  You have your options in terms of ones that are more meat based or veggie based, but the limited time one that you simply must try is The Blueprint (pictured above).

This comes with garlic ricotta, shredded mozzarella, blueberries, meatballs,  fig balsamic, goat cheese and basil.  Such an array of wonderful ingredients that work in such an amazing way!  The balsamic mixed in with the goat cheese and blueberries is a killer combination, and the meatballs don’t make it taste weird at all (I originally thought it would).  This is such a clever blend that works really well and stands out as one of the best pizzas I have ever had in NYC.

Even their drinks are unique and go beyond the normal fountain soda options you find everywhere else.  &pizza partners with Cereal Milk Cream Soda to create such a delicious spin on a classic beverage that totally compliments the pizza you are having.  There are also other great drink options including their Dark Cherry Cola and Ginger Berry Lemonade, the latter of which will be a huge hit once the warm weather finally arrives. Definitely hit up &pizza ASAP, as you’re guaranteed a superbly yummy time.

For more information on &pizza, check out their official website.