Butler County
Credit: Gaylon Wampler

In our final part of our travel series in Butler County, Ohio, we will give you some fantastic things to do outside of eating and shopping.  And there are quite a lot that involve everything from art to movies and so much more.

Credit: Gaylon Wampler

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum: 1763 Hamilton Cleves Rd, Hamilton, OH

Probably the most visually interesting part of my trip to Butler County had to have been my visit to this incredible museum which showcases a variety of sculptures in a lush and beautiful setting.

This location spans 300 acres, which you can walk through or take a golf cart if necessary.  Within it, you will find an array of colorful sculptures that will make you do a double take as each has its own shape to it that make it incredibly different from the next.  There is also a wonderful Ancient Sculpture Museum on its premise that displays Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Syrian and Egyptian sculptures dating to 1550 B.C.  Such a cool part of my trip and one you will definitely want to see.  More info here.

Credit: Gaylon Wampler

Miami University Art Museum: 801 S Patterson Ave, Oxford, OH

Miami University’s Art Museum, which is located right by the college’s campus, highlights some absolutely legendary and iconic artistic contributions that date back way before our time.  What struck me the most was the vast amount of artwork featuring prominent African-American figures that were painted and drawn in such an incredibly uplifting and positive way.  They also had some Andy Warhol pieces on display, noticeably his legendary Campbell’s Soup painting, which provided a fantastic balance of what you could actually see while there.  A great stop during your visit to Butler County.  More info here.

Credit: Gaylon Wampler

Sara’s House: 254 High Street, Hamilton 

Sara’s House is a wonderful place to stop into if you are one of those people who enjoy an old-fashioned boutique of sorts.  They are located right in the heart of Hamilton, which is a part of Butler County that looks to be going through a cultural renaissance of sorts.

The items that Sara’s House provides are locally made for the most part, including some wonderful jewelry, candles and more, and the environment itself has such an inviting presence that you can find yourself in there for hours on end.  If you are looking for a relaxing part of your trip to Butler County, then Sara’s House is definitely a place you’ll want to go to.  More info here.

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