The Shake and Burger Bar
Credit: The Shake and Burger Bar

The Shake and Burger Bar, located in Kips Bay on 3rd avenue between 25th and 26th street, is a “no musk, no fuss” type of place to go to if you are looking for classic American dishes to enjoy in a comfortable setting.

The newly-opened space has already attracted a massive following, as the place was packed when I went there with a friend a couple of nights back.

Credit: The Shake and Burger Bar

It’s a simple concept that we’ve seen many times in and out of Manhattan, in terms of it being another food/bar type setting, except they back it up by providing some wonderfully delicious food and drink options that would satisfy pretty much anyone who has a good taste in things.

The menu is pretty much cut and try, divvied up into appetizers, wraps, salads, burgers, sandwiches and shakes. The highlight from their menu in particular had to have been the shakes, which I will get to later.

In the meantime, here is what you should try the next time you find yourself in the Kips Bay area and want to indulge. Their Honey BBQ Wings are off the chain good and have a wonderful flavor to them that makes for a great starter dish. So does the Grilled Corn Lollipops, which you should have a bib on while eating as the kernels will fall off as you continue to take chomp after chomp into just how amazing it is.

Their burgers are more on the unique side of things, which makes me happy regardless as the ingredients inside the one that I had made me extremely gleeful upon first bite. Their Black n Blue Bacon Burger did the trick, as it came with crumbled blue cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, Cajun aioli served on a black bun.

Credit: The Shake and Burger Bar

Let’s get to their shakes, as they are out of this world amazing and worth each and every sip.  I tried their Salty Nut, which comes, with, wait for it: chocolate ice cream & Reese’s Peanut butter cup shake topped with peanut butter Cake, chocolate covered pretzels, salty pretzel sticks, Jelly Donut & sprinkles. Gluttony in the best way possible and I enjoyed every bite, sip and decadence that was this shake. Plenty more like it as well.

For more information on The Shake and Burger Bar, please check out their official website.