Kay’s Boutique Café
Credit: Kay’s Boutique Café

Say it with me… Thai-Scream Sandwich! I’m always on the lookout for something completely new and innovative in a city that churns out something smashing and creative every day of the year, and Nolita hotspot Kay’s Boutique Café has just introduced something (for a very limited time) that you are going to want to hop on the 6 train to Spring Street to try out.

Kay’s Boutique Café thrives on a limited menu that boast an assortment of wonderful french toast options as well as specialty drinks that will make you think differently about hitting up that popular conglomerate chain that continues to take over The Big Apple.

What’s even better about Kay’s Boutique Café is that everything is under $10, both food and drink, so if you are a budget shopper like I am, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank but still feeling satisfied upon your exit.

A specialty drink that is worth every sip there happens to be The B.O.M.B., which stands for Black Truffle, Oreo Crumbs, Milky Pudding and Belgian Chocolate. Price point? $5.75. The taste is incredible once you swirl them all together, but I was really impressed by how much it cost given the decadent ingredients that go inside. They also have an assortments of macha, espresso and latte options available at your disposal.

The focal point here is on their limited time option that is available today through Sunday, June 3rd called the Thai-Scream Sandwich. It will be served out of an Ice Cream Cart in front of Kay’s, so be on the lookout for it even before you head inside to try something else.

The Insta-worthy dessert fuses Kay’s brûléed vanilla French toast with Thai Tea Ice Cream by specialty dessert shop Eggloo. The treat is topped to perfection with a sprinkling of salted toasted coconut flakes.

It is perfect in so many ways. These are very special flavors that are put together, with none of them overpowering the other and the size of it is just right where you won’t feel too full the way that most French toast does to you. If you are in need of a quick foodie fixup this weekend, then head to Kay’s for something truly unique and fun.

For more information on Kay’s Boutique Café, check out their official website.