Credit: Coppelia

Chelsea remains one of the most popular spots to head to in New York City for a bevy of reasons, one in particular being the variety of foods you get to eat from. Coppelia, which is located smack dab in the middle of 14th street between 7th and 8th avenue, is one of those spots, as the Latin cuisine they are able to create is nothing short of absolutely scrumptious.

Coppelia is fairly straightforward when it comes to its execution of design and food that it serves. It is described as a Latin diner with a Cuban essence on its website, which is quite true given the aesthetic of how it looks inside.

Credit: Coppelia

I’ve been to Coppelia both during the day and at night, and the overall look does scream DINER but in different ways. The night version of this popular restaurant has a more intimate vibe, suitable for a romantic dinner for two or a large group gathering, while the day time looks to be more business-friendly with professionals coming in and scarfing down their yummy food before heading back to work.

Let’s talk about the food. Chef Julian Medina has expertly created an assortment of Latin-inspired dishes from breakfast all the way until late at night (they are open 24/7. Yippee). So its sort of like giving yourself a wake up call with an extra kick given the amount of flavor he and his culinary staff are able to get into every bite that you devour. And trust me, it is worth every f***ing bite (excuse my language).

Here’s the breakdown of what to get the next time you are there. Want to save some calories but still enjoy a yummy meal that will pack a flavor punch? Try their Aquacate Ceasar and add Shrimp. The cotija cheese (such an underrated cheese) superbly goes with the rest of the dish, and the shrimp is an added bonus should you choose to go that route.

Credit: Coppelia

Don’t shortchange yourself in the food department, though, as their main courses are worth having that extra space in your stomach for. This includes their out of this world Arroz Con Pollo and their Ropa Vieja (Slow-cooked shredded beef in tomato salsa, peppers, and chiles, with rice and beans), the latter of which is probably the best Latin dish I’ve had in recent years. The shredded beef is so succulent, so juicy and pairs so well with the rest of the dishes that it is an absolute must when you go there.

They also have a bunch of Latin-inspired breakfast and burger options, plus some tempting desserts as well. Just go there. I don’t need to say anymore, it’s fantastic.

For more information on Coppelia, please check out their official website.