Credit: Ilir Rizaj

Flatiron has become the hottest part of New York City when it comes to emerging culinary trends. Greek isn’t exactly a trend of sorts, as its a classic type of cuisine we have all come to know and love, however newly opened Kyma has taken that idea and brought it to a whole new level which will get you to rethink on what you already know regarding this type of food.

This happens to be Kyma’s second location overall but first one to exist in New York City. The first one is based in my hood of Long Island in a town called Roslyn in Nassau County.

Credit: Ilir Rizaj

The space itself is huge, which echoes several other Flatiron locations who are able to host sold out nights inside their big spaces (Merakia for example). The presence inside is warm and inviting, as its lit wonderfully and transports you out of the Big Apple and into Greece with its overall design. That partially made for a wonderful Friday night that me and my friend got to experience there not too long ago.

Kyma’s menu highlights an assortment of Greek cuisine, but with a twist that will make you go “huh” as you are indulging in every single dish they bring you.

Credit: Ilir Rizaj

Here were some of the major highlights from our tasting that provided us. For one, Pastitsio Spring Rolls with elbow macaroni and meat sauce served with kefalograviera bechamel was absurdly great. I never thought of doing pasta inside a spring roll of sorts before, however they really nailed it on the head with this warm and flavorful appetizer, and the bechamel was a great dipping sauce on the side.

Even simple things like their Kyma Chips, which were crispy slices of zucchini and eggplant served with tzatziki sauce, was great as the chips themselves were a yummy bite to enjoy throughout the meal.

I’ll highlight one of each when it comes to their surf and turf options. I’m a major shrimp slut, so their Tiger Shrimp which was served head on with a black garlic skordalia was scrumptious in many ways. The shrimp were massive and tasted great, with the skordalia as a great side.

For their turf option, you can’t really go wrong with short ribs so their version, which was at tomato and red wine braised short rib, with baked orzo and kefalograviera, hit the spot. The short ribs were cooked beautifully and was falling into my mouth with pure happiness. If you are looking for a new and fun spot to go, then Kyma to the rescue.

For more information on Kyma, please check out their official website.