Credit: Mifune

I have to be honest here. My experience at Mifune is something I’ve never truly had before in Manhattan, which is shocking because I thought I’ve “ate it all” already. Their take on Japanese cuisine is something that is so beautiful, so articulate and so poignant that it almost brought a culinary tear to my eye when I went earlier this month.

The inspiration behind the restaurants name is Toshiro Mifune, the famed Japanese actor praised for his emotional portrayal of disciplined, unmatched samurai warriors. I never ever thought of a restaurant finding inspiration in an actor that has nothing to do directly with the location itself, but according to the “concept” portion of the websites page: “Just as Mifune himself crossed the ocean and captivated global audiences, this assemblage of culinary talent has arrived in NYC to provide a new take on Japanese cuisine.”

Credit: Mifune

This place is no joke, its culinary refinement to a tee when it comes to the type of food they are providing. Oh, and let’s mention the accolades that these chefs have under their belts. Head Chef Yuu Shimano (Three Michelin-starred Guy Savoy), Assistant Chef Manabu Asanuba, who has worked for years at high-end establishments in Japan. and Assistant Chef Tomohiro Urata (Three Michelin-starred La Maison Troisgros) helm the kitchen at this wonderful location which is only blocks away from Grand Central.

The three of them have come up with a tasting menu for the summer that I tried with a buddy this month. It is one of the many ways you can eat at Mifune, as there is also simpler options at The Front Bar or you can order a la carte from their lunch and dinner menu.

The intricacy that goes in each dish on their tasting menu is Oscar-winning material here for foodie lovers, as the components in each all gel really beautifully with one antoher.

I’ll break down my favorites. Their Soku, which was served cold with Scallop, Tomato and Basil, was simple in that it only had three ingredients but they worked really well together. The Kaori, which was Ayu (fish), Mushroom, and Parsley, was another great option.

Credit: Mifune

Hands down my favorite, because I am a meat guy, was there Kemuri. This came with Filet Mignon (Wagyu is an alternative option), red wine reduction and green onion. Superb. We had the Wagyu, which is a type of meat that should be treated with respect which they did and it paired beautifully with the red wine and green onion. One of the best food options I’ve had in 2018 easily. Check out the tasting menu here.

For more information on Mifune, please check out their official website.