SIMÒ Pizza
Credit: Francesco Sapienza

SIMÒ Pizza will easily become your new favorite pizza spot for several reasons. One: it’s freaking delicious. Two: it’s located right next to the entrance that leads you to the Chelsea Skyline. Three: All of their pizzas are $10 or less. Four: the pizza itself is ready in a very short amount of time.

SIMÒ Pizza is brand new to the Meatpacking District, having only opened its doors earlier this month. Their location joins many other fast casual spots that have opened recently whose goals is to go beyond the norm of what we eat for lunch and amplify that with wonderful ingredients, flavors and dishes.

Credit: Francesco Sapienza

The location itself looks like an elevated pizza shop of sorts, with about five or six tables that encompass most of its space. The goal, from how I see it, is to bring people in, serve them with a tasty and affordable pizza pie, and have them leave happy. That’s what my experience was when I went there last week and scarfed down pretty much everything they presented me to me and my friend.

SIMO Pizza
Credit: Francesco Sapienza

We tried a handful of their pies, many of which are classics which brought back some fond pizza memories of yesteryear. Their Margherita Pizza was simply splendid, as the four-ingredient pie (san marzano tomato, mozzarella di bufala, extra virgin olive oil, basil) was all that was needed to make it taste wonderfully. The Diavola Pizza was another wonderful choice, as the spicy soppressata was a fabulous addition to an already yummy bite of pie.

Credit: Francesco Sapienza

I also really enjoyed their Cacio Y Pepe, which came with mozzarella di bufala, pecorino, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and basil. Notice the short amount of ingredients in all of these pies: no more than five on many of them. It’s proof that you don’t need to put an entire kitchen onto a pizza to make it taste well, and both of these are proof of that.

Credit: Francesco Sapienza

Also their Panzanella Caprese was adorably put together (tinier than the rest) but packed so much flavor to make it one heck of a great salad. If you are looking for some tasty pizza with an amazing view of the Meatpacking District to go along with, then SIMÒ Pizza to the rescue.

For more information on SIMÒ Pizza, please check out their official website.

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