Surf City
Credit: Surf City

I went on a voyage of sorts this past Wednesday night that took me out of Manhattan and into Jersey City with a bunch of other writers. The place that we all headed to was called Surf City, which provided us with such a unique and thrilling experience that is still giving me a big smile on my face today.

We hopped on a boat that departed from Chelsea Piers and got us to our location about 15-20 minutes later. What’s fabulous about Surf City is that you are encompassed in a space that is surrounded by sand, water and some of the best damn seafood I have ever had.

Credit: Surf City

It takes dining out to a whole other level in that you truly are in a beach-type of environment but there’s still this level of sophistication when it comes to the food and drink you are provided with. To have that sort of duality all under one roof is one that is very hard to provide, but Surf City was able to do that and then some for all of us that night.

It’s the perfect place to go to given the type of weather we have been experiencing lately, you know… summer? You have these gorgeous views of the city to look out on, which looks beautiful both during the day and nighttime, while sipping on a delicious drink and enjoying some time with your friends and family. Because of this, Surf City is able to provide a really relaxing environment.

Then, there is the food and drink. I am still reeling from the variety of lobster I had that night. The seating inside where you chow down is not elegant, its long tables for your company to sit at, which blends perfectly with the atmosphere that surrounds it.

Credit: Surf City

Here’s what I recommend you having. A Mango Daiquiri is a great way to start. It’s sweet, the rum is delicious, and it kept me a tad buzzed but not to the point where I was singing “I Will Survive” in a drunken state.

As for the food, let’s break this down: Crispy Calamari and House-made Tortilla Chips with guacamole are two classic but delicious starters. Sandwiches: Twin Lobster Rolls with coleslaw and French Fries. Twin… yes TWIN LOBSTER ROLLS AND OMFG THEY WERE AMAZING! Finally, their Lobster Mac n Cheese was absurdly delicious. Just go to Surf City this summer, you won’t regret it and you will leave with your belly full and your mind in a very happy place.

For more information on Surf City, please check out their official website.