Credit: Omakasa

The fast casual concept continues to be on the rise in New York City, as many Manhattanites are opting to spend their money at places where fresh ingredients reign supreme over the conglomerate ones that are stuffing up our area. Omakasa, a spot that thrives on authentic Asian cuisine available to you within minutes of ordering, just opened their second location on Spring Street to the delight of many that have enjoyed it so far.

Omakasa makes you think a bit differently when it comes to Asian cuisine, as not a single option of theirs comes with beef. Don’t worry, meat lovers, as chicken is still on the menu, however Omakasa easily makes up for their lack of beef with a ton of items that work incredibly well without it.

Credit: Omakasa

The new space on Spring Street, which is steps away from the 6 train stop, reads like many other fast casual spots that you see in New York City. One thing to notice, however, is how inviting and fresh the places look as well as just how friendly their staff was during my most recent visit.

We tried a ton of Omakasa’s options, as there is quite a lot to enjoy from on the diverse menu. It’s split up into noodles, grains, salads, bao buns, crispy potstickers and soup… all of which have something special that your taste buds will want to say “YAS QUEEN!”

Here is what we think you should try the next time you are in the trendy area of Spring Street. First, their Chicken Matzo Ramen (pictured above) is to die for. L I T E R A L L Y. This is an option that will fare better in the colder months, but it still tasted wonderfully as it came with a ton of ingredients like house chili crisp and beech mushroom to really give it that extra pop of flavor.

Credit: Omakasa

I have always been a fan of bao buns… just the texture of the bun and the sauce that gets put in them always fascinate me on some sort of level. Their Impossible Bao Burger, which had no meat in it, wowed me on so many levels and I loved everything that they put in it to make it taste like you were eating a legitimate burger. Overall, Omakasa really scored well with me on all points from flavor execution to ambiance and more, and we hope that you get to experience all of its delicious glory sometime soon.

For more information on Omakasa, please check out their official website.