Credit: Finnegan's

The town of Huntington Village out in Long Island is one of the best places to visit year round, as the area mimics what the West Village looks like in New York City. If you are jonesing for something truly delicious to eat, then Finnegan’s would be your ideal place to stop into. Here’s why.

Huntington Village boasts a variety of delicious types of food that you can devour during your time there (Besito for Mexican, Swallow for Modern American), and so on and so forth.

Credit: Finnegan’s

What’s great about Finnegan’s is that its a no musk, no fuss type of situation in terms of its atmosphere and the food it provides. The moderately sized space has a sprawling bar towards the back and comfortable seating upon entrance. The staff, notably general manager Tommy “The Cat” Forte, is incredibly friendly with their hospitality and service which made for a great experience overall.

I recently stopped by there a couple of days ago in a very hungry state, where luckily they were able to take care of that for me and then some with the amount of delicious bar fare that they had on their menu.

A note to all: bar food is amazing. If its done in a really great way, or elevated in that you can take a classic and make it into something much more spectacular, then I equate it to all the molecular-gastromony-fusion type of stuff that’s out there now. No food snobbery is necessary in any of this. Now back to my regularly scheduled yumminess.

Let’s start with their appetizers. Who doesn’t like a huge pretzel? Like size of your freaking head pretzel? The one pictured above: the Artisan Bavarian Pretzel, is AMAZING! It comes with smoked gouda and onion fondue as well as a whole grain mustard for dipping sauce, and the bread inside the pretzel is presented as moist and warm with every bite you take.

Credit: Finnegan’s

If you are looking for a great sandwich to sink your teeth into, then their Sliced Grilled Steak or Corned Beef Reuben will do the trick. The former is a classic done right, and the latter rings true to what the former does but it comes with marble rye bread. Its a bread that is heavily undervalued overall, and made the sandwich taste that much better.

Finnegan’s also has a great line of lighter fare options, burgers and favorites including Shepherd’s Pie and Meatloaf. Definitely a spot you’ll want to stop into the next time you find yourself in the fun town of Huntington Village.

For more information on Finnegan’s, please check out their official website.