Raise New York
Credit: Raise New York

Trendy sports bar Raise New York, located in Kips Bay at 3rd avenue between 29th and 30th street, has some great for you to devour, a fun atmosphere and something truly sweet that will give you a heartwarming reason to go there outside of a usual restaurant trip.

Credit: Raise New York

Raise New York, who recently opened their doors for lunchtime service, bills itself as an upscale sports bistro with a purpose. What is that purpose you may ask? Each month, they partner with a charity and donate a percentage of their profits to its charity partner. So awesome.

They believe that it is important to give back and they want to do this all while providing their guests with wonderful food, great cocktails and a fun place to watch their favorite game. According to their website, they have raised $17,132 dollars since September of last year and over $70,000 dollars total raised at their venue.

It’s a fantastic idea that many other restaurants should do as well, and the fact that they switch to a completely different charity each month that how authentic they are in their approach of what are trying to accomplish. Quite admirable indeed.

Throughout August, they are working with MAMA Hope, an organization that supports global entrepreneurship programs that are a path to ending extreme poverty around the world. MAMA Hope trains impact entrepreneurs from around the world through their Global Advocate Program. Their Advocates partner with visionary leaders in emerging African and Central American communities, and together they fund and build community-identified sustainable projects using 100% local resources.

Credit: Raise New York

Let’s get to the food now, which is absolutely scrumptious! Raise New York goes beyond the standard bar fare we see all over NYC and brings you dishes that are totally elevated when it comes to flavor, execution and more.

Some of my favorites from the list were easily their Reuben Dumplings, General Tso’s Cauliflower and Spicy Lamb Sliders as starters. I always feel like appetizers taste better at a sports bar of sorts, and these three didn’t disappoint. I never thought of combining the ingredients in a Reuben with a tasty dumpling… but it works really well. Cauliflower has become my new favorite vegetable, so it truly made my taste buds smile when they smothered the yummy General Tso’s sauce on top. The Spicy Lamb Sliders were also a great bite of sorts that came with a spicy tzatziki sauce to awaken your senses.

Don’t forget to try their Deep Fried Oreos. Why? I’m not giving a reason why: they are deep fried mother f***ing oreos. That should be enough to get you excited. Overall, I love the concept of Raise New York in everything that they do, and think you will too.

For more information on Raise New York, please check out their official website.