New Haven
Credit: Market New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut is a fabulous place for Manhattanites to visit this summer and beyond. From the sandy beaches to the delicious cuisine and imaginative art, this area provides so many reasons to visit that it’s hard to think of just one! So we came up with five great ones that will hopefully get you thinking about heading up there shortly.

New Haven is a pretty simple commute for any New Yorkers to get to. It isn’t necessarily a hop, skip and a jump away compared to what we already have here in The Big Apple, but it is a quick trip on the Metro North that will get you there in approximately two hours.

Credit: Omni New Haven Hotel

The area itself has a very calming feel to it compared to the hustle and bustle of NYC. I am someone who grew up in the suburbs, and have always enjoyed the contrast of what that area brings to me compared to the one in the city, and New Haven’s relaxing vibes are definitely part of that.

Credit: The Study at Yale

Let’s get down to brass tax here folks in terms of the reasons as to why you should visit. For one, you need a place to stay, so why not check yourself into The Study at Yale Hotel, located at 1157 Chapel Street. The Study is a gorgeous location that has a lot of visual appeal upon your first arrival. I truly enjoyed their gorgeous lobby while waiting to get my room key, where my excitement continued after opening the door to said room. The space that I was able to get a good night sleep in was filled with warm colors, comfortable bedding and a fantastic view of the New Haven street level. Definitely a place you’ll want to check out if you are doing an overnight stay there.

Credit: Elm City Social

I am a foodie of all foodies when it comes to trying out the variety of cuisines that any city has to offer. New Haven does not disappoint when it comes to the assortment of foods that will light up your taste buds, and I left the trip feeling filled and refreshed with what the city has to offer.

If you are in the sweets kind of mood, then Donut Crazy is the place to be. Donuts have become the new cupcakes of the dessert world, and this location has taken advantage of that thought process by creating a ton of innovative donuts for you to enjoy. You have the classic options like jelly-filled but then there are also some new and interesting flavors to take a bite into like their PB&J or French Toast. Yum! More info here.

A great brunch spot to hit up in New Haven just happens to be at the top of another fabulous hotel location within this gorgeous city. The Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale has a very classic yet modern vibe once you first arrive. You get whisked up to one of the top floors, where the views of New Haven are nothing short of spectacular. The brunch options while there can be ordered on the menu or you can simply go to their buffet where everything from omelettes, fresh fruit and more are available at your disposal. More info here.

Credit: Yale University Art Gallery

The Yale University Art Gallery was truly one of the highlights that I got to experience on my trip to New Haven. Art in today’s day and age isn’t as appreciated as it should be, and its great that YUAG is able to display so many pieces of work that date back thousands of years all the way up until now with what’s trending in this particular world. The collections inside are on a worldly level, as they highlight several pieces from Asia, Africa and more, as well as shining a major focus on modern and contemporary art that is truly a gift for your eyes to see. A great place to stop at while there. More info here.

Credit: Yale University Art Gallery

Taking advantage of the outdoor areas of New Haven is very important, especially with the warm weather we have been experiencing. New Haven has so many fabulous beaches, parks and more that will totally tickle the fancy of any outdoorsy type friend you will have. Overall, this is a great place to visit and is one that I plan on going back to over and over again for the reasons listed above and beyond.

For more information on New Haven, please check out their official website here.