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When it comes to playing games, many people will have a genre that they love. In a way, that is what makes playing computer games so amazing. There is simply so much choice as to what sort of game you can enjoy that it stops you from ever getting bored. All you have to do is see what mood you are in and choose the type of game that will hit the spot. From sport games when you feel like getting that winning World Cup goal, to strategy games where you enjoy using your brain more, there is certainly a gaming genre for everyone.

Why do genres in gaming matter?

As with gaming, the great thing about humans is that we are all different. Your personality will be unique to you and means that you enjoy different things in life. This translates to games, where you may enjoy one genre but not be too fussed about another. This illustrates why having a range of game types is important – it allows everyone to have a type of game that they enjoy playing and means that gaming can be accessible to all. A gaming industry with only driving games, for example, would not be very good for people who wanted to play online poker or a first-person shooter!

How do the different genres keep you entertained?

Of course, the main reason for all genres is that they are fun and exciting to play – but what does each genre offer that makes it appealing to certain sections of the gaming public? Let’s take a close look:

  • Sport – one of the big genres within gaming is sport. This could be anything from football games to NFL or tennis. This genre is a real big-hitter, with franchises such as FIFA selling millions when released. What is it about these games that keeps people playing? A big factor is the realism that they offer and the chance to play as real players as well as real teams. They also allow you to act out your own personal fantasies such as taking your local football team to the Premier League title or winning Wimbledon.
  • Strategy – many people enjoy this genre, and this is because they give you chance to think and use your brain more. They also give you a great sense of satisfaction that is good for your ego when you make the right call or solve a puzzle. Strategy games also tend to be less frantic than other genres, which suits some people’s personality more.
  • Online casino games – one of the most popular games on the market at the moment are casino games. These online games include timeless classics such as poker or baccarat but also slot games, which many love to play now. This genre keeps people entertained by always offering new games with the latest technology to try out. They also give people an adrenaline rush when playing and the excitement of winning some real money.
  • First-person shooter games – this genre is massive, with games such as Halo being popular with many players across the globe. These simply give you a great adrenaline shot as a player and also the chance to experience situations that you never would in real life. Most now also have superb storylines, which makes them interesting to play. 
  • Multi-player games / online play – a genre that cuts across all the specific ones is that of playing games online with friends or big multi-player games. These are entertaining for people to play as they give you the chance to meet new people or play with friends, rather than alone. They also give the extra buzz of working as a team to complete the missions.

Different genres for different people

If you look into the gaming sector overall, it is popular mainly for the different choices that it gives to players. From sport to multi-player, the various genres give you as a player the chance to stay entertained according to your own personality. Even better, you do not need to choose just one! All the genres of games are there to enjoy depending on how you feel when you log on to play. Online casino gaming is a great example of this, as people will often play in their spare time when commuting to work or simply wanting a few minutes of fun. With the genres expanding all the time, it will be interesting to see where they head next.