Mile End Deli
Credit: Mile End Deli

The NYC institutions known as delicatessens (or delis, for sure) are becoming a rare breed nowadays. Several legendary locations in our area are closing or have closed to make way for something trendy and boring. One particular spot: Mile End Deli in NoHo, is a hopeful example that spots like these can not only stay open but thrive in this economy as everything I sank my mouth into when I visited was out of this world delicious.

NoHo (north of Houston street) is an area that I don’t find myself in quite often, however that might change after visiting Mile End Deli. The space, located in a chic area of Bond Street, combines a classic Jewish delicatessen with a Canadian-style restaurant. The recipes used are from the owner’s grandmother, and I would like to personally known this woman’s name and give her a big hug for the type of food me and my friend ate that day.

Credit: Mile End Deli

Mile End Deli started as a small one-off in Brooklyn, and has since made its way into Manhattan and even Nashville, Tennessee. They are also opening a fourth location in Birmingham, Alabama, so grandma must be doing something right with these yummy recipes.

The Manhattan spot is moderately sized with a great street view to enjoy, especially during the warm summer months. It definitely has a Canadian-style feel to it that separates itself from the deli norms you find in Manhattan.

Credit: Mile End Deli

There are several items you must order while there. Doesn’t matter if you get full halfway through, suck it up and take the rest home to enjoy later. That’s how good the food is.

First of all, bagels are BAE-goals. Meaning I want to be best friends with them. The Larry David (yes, the Seinfeld writer and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm) one is simply extraordinary. It comes with whitefish salad, scallion cream cheese, lettuce, coleslaw and cucumber. It’s a bite and a half, but every ingredient listed blends really well with one another.

Because this place has a Canadian vibe to it, is has to have Poutine, which is incredibly undervalued here in New York City (and the states quite frankly). Their classic version of it is all right, meaning its correct in every way possible. French fries, cheese curds, gravy. Sold. There’s also a version with smoked meat in case you are feeling extra fancy.

Credit: Mile End Deli

Finally, if you want a delicious sandwich from Mile End Deli, you have to go with their Classic Reuben on pumpernickel bread. No musk, no fuss… just a great sandwich with a lot of meat and all the fixings to really get your carnivorous side roaring.

For more information on Mile End Deli, please check out their official website.