National Dumpling Day
Credit: Hakkasan

I have learned that there is a holiday for pretty much any kind of food or drink that is out there, from beer to pretzels to chocolate and more. Dumplings are no exception, as September 26th marks National Dumpling Day. This gets me personally excited on a level that is almost frightening as I have a major obsession for all things dumplings and am elated that some of the top restaurants in New York City are doing something special to celebrate these 1 to 2-bite options.

Dumplings happen to be one of most versatile types of foods that are out there. They can be made from a variety of ingredients and stuffed with anything from lobster to mushrooms and more. Not only that, but its a beloved product that is loved by millions upon millions of people around the world.

Take a look at which places you should stop at for National Dumpling Day this coming Wednesday. Happy eating, everyone!

Credit: Hakkasan

Hakkasan New York: Hakkasan New York’s upscale Cantonese menu offers a mouthwatering selection of dumplings, with flavors such as prawn and Chinese chive and pan-seared Shanghai dumplings. A standout special is the steamed dim sum platter, which elevates classic dimsum with upmarket ingredients such as scallop shumai to black pepper duck dumplings. More information here. More information here.

Credit: Dumpling Galaxy

Dumpling Galaxy: Known for their huge variety of flavorful dumplingsDumpling Galaxy offers an expansive menu with over 100 varieties of steamed and fried dumplings. With surprising filling combinations such as tofu and crab roe, lamb and pickled vegetables, and curry beef, each dumpling at the restaurant packs a punch of flavor. More information here.

Credit: Redfarm

Redfarm: Boasting two locations in the West Village and the Upper West Side, Redfarm offers a variety of succulent and quirky dishes like the steamed lobster dumplings or the ‘Pac Man’-stylized shrimp dumplings. More information here.