Honey River
Credit: Honey River

The world of country has found its footing in the mainstream music world over the past couple of years, thanks to a ton of artists that have found success outside of their industry hopping in and working with some of the biggest talents out there. For Country rock trio Honey River, they have a different idea on what type of music should be out there as the inspirations for their sounds date back to a time where artists were truly known as iconic.

Honey River was formed in 2017 by Joey Sykes who later brought Jay Mags and Chris Vincent into the mix. The popularity of country trios is booming right now thanks to the efforts of groups like The Band Perry and Lady Antebellum, however their sound is a tad different from theirs and is definitely needed in the music worlds of today.

Joey sat down with me at Manhattan Digest to discuss how this all came together, their debut single “Peace, Love” and what their plans on for their “rocking” future. Take a look.

How did you guys come together to form your rocking country trio?

I go to Nashville often, making writing trips, with some amazing songwriters there, as well as writing all the time by myself. I started to build up a huge catalog of really great songs, in a Country Rock vein, along the style of Tom Petty/Eagles/Jackson Browne, etc. So, I wanted to put a band together in Southern California, that has that vibe. HONEY RIVER started flowing…….

There is a popular resurgence of duos and trios in the industry right now with names like Lady Antebellum and Florida Georgia Line. Do you think Honey River can capitalize on this in the near future?

I know this will sound cheesy, but, I really don’t follow anyone else’s path. I just feel that there is a huge audience for a sound that has been proven to stand the test of time. To this day, 45 years later, you still hear those songs on the radio, and those icons still sell out stadiums. So, I figured if a new, young band came out with that sound, and quality of songwriting, it just might have a chance. HONEY RIVER is the result.

What inspired the name of Honey River?

I thought it fit the vibe and sound of the music. There are lots of vocal harmonies throughout, that are sweet, like HONEY, and the music flows steady, like a RIVER. (AND, it sounds cool).

Country has many different forms of it nowadays in terms of the sound and overall execution of each song that is produced. How would you describe yours?

I would call it Country Rock/Americana.

Tell us about your song “Peace, Love.”

I wrote this song, longing for a simpler, peaceful life, that seems to be heading in the opposite direction these days.  I am not too political (as far as organized sides), but it’s getting pretty ridiculous.

Is there an album in the works for Honey River, and what kinds of songs will be on it?                                                 

The album is complete. It’s called I Miss America... we are not sure when it will be released.

What are you all most hopeful for in your career?

I am hoping to get out there on the road, tour around the country, and I am really excited for music fans to hear (and own) the whole album.

For more information on Honey River, please check out their official website.