Credit: BoCaPhe

Fusion can be a beautiful thing if done right, especially in the culinary world. BoCaphe is one of those places that gets it right and then some, as their Vietnamese inspired fare comes with a French twist that I wasn’t prepared for until I sank my teeth into several items they offered during a recent visit.

BoCaphe, which is conveniently located down the street from the 6 train on Lafayette Street, provides a rich foodie experience that everyone should experience if they are living or visiting Manhattan.

Credit: BoCaPhe

The setup inside BoCaphe is one that sort of resembles a diner of sorts, just in a Vietnamese style. The space inside is a tad crammed, but that can only be a good thing for them as there wasn’t a single seat empty once me and my friend got there. They are celebrating their 3rd anniversary this month, which in Manhattan restaurant year is about 20 as there are so many great places that come and go in an instant so to have that kind of longevity is pretty incredible.

The food was out of this world good, and one of the best restaurants I have tried in 2018 easily. There was so much to dive into that it’s hard to figure out where to begin. So, I will start my recommendations with their appetizers, which I could’ve made a whole meal out of.

Their Shrimp Tempura and Sliced Cucumbers make for a great starter. The former is cut and dry, no musk no fuss kind of deal when it comes what makes it so great, and the latter had a great spice to eat that made the veggie that much tastier.

Credit: BoCaPhe

I am a true sucker for a Bao Bun, which is a steamed bun jam packed with something really great. They had four options available for this, however my friend and I opted for the Shitake & Cheese and Caramelized Beef. Both were great; however the Caramelized Beef was one of the best bao buns I have ever had in my entire life. It was oozing with so much flavor and taste that I wish I could’ve had 10 or more to go in a White Castle box kind of setting so I could munch on more of them when I got home.

As for their entrees, you have the options of doing a rice bowl, pho noodle soup, salad and more. We opted for their rice bowl options as the ones we saw at the other tables were enough for us to order one of them ASAP. I had the Chicken & Ginger, which came with rice noodles, fresh veggie, lettuce, and peanut. You must mix all of them together for about 15 seconds before sinking your teeth into it to really get every ingredient in your mouth for a pleasure-filled experience. I loved what was provided as it was a great dish to enjoy with the cold weather we are finally experiencing with the chef doing a great job at bringing out the Vietnamese flavor within this great dish.

Overall, BoCaphe impressed me on a multitude of levels and is a place I would go back to again and again and again.

For more information on BoCaphe, please check out their official website.