Izzy Escobar
Credit: Izzy Escobar

It’s easy to admire someone who has a lot of drive and tenacity in any industry they work in. 18-year-old Izzy Escobar is definitely one of those people.

Her debut single “Broken Wings” has received a ton of adoration from her fans and critics alike (this one included), as the lyricism within it rings similar to many other empowerment anthems like Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”.

Having a song like “Broken Wings” is a step in the right direction for the talented youngster tor really make her mark on the industry and be one of the next big things to emerge in it very soon. I spoke with her recently about the song and how it came to be, how she plans for a big artist to open for her (and not the other way around) and what’s next for her.

We are loving your debut single “Broken Wings”! What inspired you to make this song?

Growing up, I had an abusive step parent that changed my life. For example, I remember coming home and seeing “no trespassing” signs late at night and my mom, brother, and I wouldn’t have a place to stay. When I saw that my mom had been physically abused, that’s when I truly felt voiceless. I needed a way to express what I was going through at such a young age, and that is why I began to write music. For me, “Broken Wings” is about going through a hardship and realizing that even though it feels like you can’t take the pain anymore, it is ultimately elevating you to a higher and stronger state of being. For me, having a positive mindset allowed me to understand that everything happens for a reason. Whether it be a breakup, losing a loved one, or going through a similar situation to what I went through, I want to help the world around me to understand that they are not alone.

There’s a lot of empowerment angles in the song’s lyrics. What are you hoping your fans get out of it when they listen?

The best part of making music and releasing it is knowing that I am helping the people around me with something they are personally struggling with. When they reach out to me, it fills my heart with so much love. Huge thank you to the people who support me. I hope that my fans realize that going through and overcoming hardships in your life shouldn’t make you feel weak, but rather empowered.,  

At what age did you decide that music was the career you wanted to get into?

When I was four years old, my mom had me pick up the violin where I studied the Suzuki method. From the violin, I developed a strong sense of pitch and understanding for music so I was able to quickly learn how to play the piano and guitar as well. From that moment forward, I knew that music was my passion. I also realized that life is too short to not do what you are passionate about.

Do you have a dream performer that you would like to open for one day?

No, I would like them to open for me.

The music industry poses a ton of challenges on anyone who enters it. How do you plan on conquering that and becoming a star in your own right?

I plan on staying grounded in my faith, and not wavering on my beliefs and values. Staying true to who I’ve always been is how I want to continue to go through the business.

Do you have other songs coming out in the future and a potential album?

Yes. Can’t wait for you to hear my upcoming music! I hope that it’s going to empower many people

What would be your biggest life goal moving forward?

To change the world through music, and help others to realize that in order to succeed in this life, you need a positive mindset, loving heart, and can never set limitations for yourself. If you are going to do something, do it 100%, and with confidence.

For more information on Izzy Escobar, please check out her official YouTube page here.