Credit: The Kitano Hotel New York

When it comes to visiting or living in Manhattan, it’s good to remember one word: LOCAL. Why come to the greatest city in the world to only stay or eat at a place you can do the same at home? That makes no sense. Part of what makes this city so great is the one-of-a-kind experiences it provides the dwellers that inhabit it, and The Kitano Hotel New York just happens to be a gem that you must stay at while here.

Credit: The Kitano Hotel New York

Described as a “New York City Hotel Unlike Any Other”, The Kitano Hotel New York is the only Japanese-owned hotel and has been for close to 50 years now. There’s a lot to pack into that sentence. The fact that they have held that record for so long is an accomplishment in itself, let alone the amount of time they’ve had guests check in given the rapid open-close atmosphere that occurs in NYC.

The experience you will receive when staying at Kitano is nothing short of extraordinary, as my time there recently was beyond satisfying with everything that occurred. Something that became noticeable the instant I walked inside was how tranquil and calm the entire location felt, which was a sharp contrast from the bustling and loud streets right outside its majestic doors. The 180 type of switch is needed for a busy Manhattanite like me, as noise seems to follow me everywhere I go and Kitano stopped it in its tracks to allow me to relax my mind over the course of my stay.

Credit: The Kitano Hotel New York

There’s a lot to take in during your stay there… to the point where you really don’t have to go outside at all. For one, the boutique property creates visuals that are Instagram-worthy and then some. The Asian influence that encompasses all of it is truly remarkable as you make your way through and notice every little detail they provide.

The rooms themselves are breathtaking in their own right, as many of them include a wonderful view of Park Avenue and so many incredible amenities from a sprawling bathroom to a big, spacious bed and so much more. The quietness that surrounds you is one that I treasure (as previously discussed), and the great sleep that I got that night is one that I still dream of having in the near future.

Credit: The Kitano Hotel New York

They also have some wonderful culinary options within the hotel itself, which includes Jazz at Kitano (brunch featuring Japanese favorites mixed with some beautiful music) and their Hakubai Japanese Restaurant (a culinary tradition known as Kaiseki, which is a cuisine that has roots in Zen Buddhism and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony).

If ambiance is something you crave during a hotel stay among many other fabulous amenities, then The Kitano Hotel New York is the place for you.

For more information, check out their official website.

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