Trademark Taste and Grind
Credit: Andrew Kist

I for one am someone who doesn’t enjoy walking around the areas that surround Penn Station to Times Square. The tourist trap is real for many of us who live in New York City, and can’t escape how busy it is no matter what time of day, month or year. There are, however, some exceptional reasons to head towards this area, many of which involve delicious food and drink to take your mind off the busy streets of Manhattan. Trademark Taste and Grind, located on W. 36th street between 5th and 6th avenue, is one of those.

Trademark Taste and Grind was a place that I stopped by a couple of years ago shortly after it had opened its doors. The location is in the fabulous Hotel Le Soleil, which became apparent when I found that the bathrooms coincide with one another.

Credit: Oleg March

The setup of TTAG is quite interesting. You are first greeted by a coffee bar of sorts when you walk in which then become something much different as you continue to make your way through. What you eventually set your eyes on is a magnificently set up location with a sprawling bar put right in the center of it. The lighting and seating were very impressive for me, especially as they fit the mood for the current fall season we are having, and the atmosphere itself can easily range from a romantic meal for two to a big group outing.

Outside of the fabulous ambiance that TTAG creates, there is also the food, which is nothing short of fantastic as me and my friend experienced last week.  It’s sort of a no musk no fuss on new American fare with some twists and turns that will leave you smiling after you exit.

Two appetizers come to mind when it comes to what I think you should order while there: the Burrata & Knots and the Meatballs. Essentially, they are Italian dishes done right in many different ways. Oddly enough you can combine all three elements and make them into one dish, but each component really sings to your palette. The Burrata is fresh and lovely, the knots are warm with a ton of flavor and the meatball is cooked to perfection amid a mixture of ricotta, lemon and crushed tomato.

Credit: Andrew Kist

There are an assortment of options to order from after that, whether it be a large entrée, salad or sandwich. I tried one of their specials that night, which was Scallops that was paired with a spicy chili sauce mixed with a cauliflower puree. Hopefully this becomes more than a special and gets added to the regular menu, as the scallops were some of the best that I have had in years. I despise when chefs burn or overcook scallops, it ruins the essence of them. They did the exact opposite and cooked them perfectly that blended well with the rest of the dish and made for a great meal.

Overall, if you find yourself in midtown (as well all do from time to time), and you need a great place to eat, then Trademark Taste and Grind should be a place you stop at.

For more information on Trademark Taste and Grind, please check out their official website