All Types of Kinds
Credit: All Types of Kinds

New York City’s very own All Types of Kinds doesn’t just stick themselves into one mold of music. Their eclectic style reaches all types of genres… further giving meaning to the name of their band. Furthermore, they are extraordinarily talented with the type of stuff they are putting out there and could easily be the next big band to take over the world if they play their cards right.

The band consists of Ray Rubio (Guitar), Billy Conahan (Guitar), Berk O (Percussion), and Rocco Stroker (Bass and Guitar) – all of whom have unique musical backgrounds. Each of them have channeled their individual talents into a four-part band that has produced some stellar work so far, notably Love Songs (Or Songs for Your Ex) which was conveniently released on Valentine’s Day this year.

After a successful west coast tour, the boys are back on the east coast to take it on headstrong with several dates this month and next. I chatted with them this week about how they came together, what sets them apart from the rest and why they don’t care for the term “boy band”. Take a look.

How did you guys come up with your name All Types of Kinds?

ATOK came about on the drive up to an open mic in Beacon. Ray and Billy were having a conversation as to how the band described it’s style, and Ray said “We do all types of kinds of stuff.” Billy, half-heartingly, suggested that be the name of the band then it stuck.

Based on that, do you have a certain “kind” that each of you prefer, or is this an all-encompassing sort of love thing?

We all love music fully. Getting into the business, you learn that you can’t look down on anything because everyone is just doing what they know and love best. As are we. So, we’ve learned to appreciate all of it even it’s not our preferred genre.

You all just wrapped up your West Coast tour but I know you are based in the greatest city in the world: Manhattan. Do you have a preference between the two?

California has the beauty and the weather for sure, but New York has the nightlife, the charm, and the camaraderie. It’s hard to choose!

Tell us about the music you’ve put out so far and the inspiration behind it.

“Love Songs” was a personal EP for us. Each member brought a song to the table and we helped each other see it through to completion. The inspiration struck us almost immediately as we presented the songs because they fell into the catagory of “love songs.”

Do you find that rock music has fallen off in recent years in favor of pop and hip-hop?

Not at all. There are still awesome, hard-working rock bands out there putting out great music. Perhaps it’s not as mainstream or “marketable” as before but it doesn’t mean the quality has waned or fallen off.

It says that you guys shy away from the industry mold and don’t want to be referred to as a “boy band”. Why is that?

Haha! Billy was quoted as saying the band didn’t prefer the label, then the rest of the band said they didn’t mind it in another interview. Billy most likely felt the label came with negative connotations, but the rest of us feel that it is only one of the many things we can be and we shouldn’t shy away from it.

I see you have some big dates coming up this and next month. Can you tell our readers more about that?

We are excited to be back on the East Coast! We are playing Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, LI, November 29th at 7pm. As well as our big show at Rockwood Music Hall in the Lower East Side on December 15th, 10pm. Hopefully we’ll be debuting some new tunes and we cannot wait to present them.

In conclusion, what are your biggest hopes and dreams for ATOK?

ATOK is looking to be a successful, touring band. We want to travel the world, experience new places, meet new people, and get to work, collaborate, and hang out with some of our favorite artists. That isn’t asking for too much, right?

You can learn more about All Types of Kinds here.