1221 at MFP
Credit: Eric Striffler

I know there are a lot of Manhattanites who despise traveling outside the city, let alone their own neighborhood (SMH!) Roslyn, a town in Long Island, is only 30 minutes away, and nestled inside its beautiful hotel of the same name is a gorgeous restaurant called 1221 at MFP.

Located on the basement level of the gorgeous Roslyn Hotel is this newly opened restaurant which screams intimate experience the minute you walk inside.

Award Winning Chef Tomoyuki Kobayashi, whose culinary resume is quite spectacular (Lespanisse, Alain Ducasse and Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) has taken contemporary American cuisine and thrown in his French and Japanese background into the mix. Fusion in the foodie world has gone beyond a trend and has become a staple, and Chef Kobayashi excelled in his vision of this at this gorgeous establishment.

Credit: Eric Striffler

The location itself is quite gorgeous, especially at nighttime now that we’ve gone back an hour and can appreciate the beauty of Roslyn at an earlier time frame. A sprawling bar greets you upon arrival which is surrounded by a ton of gorgeous seating and furnishings that envelope you into its warm atmosphere. The wait staff and management are also incredibly amicable and knowledgeable, which is an important thing for any kind of dining experience.

The menu is simple as one, two, three… literally. Three different sections that provide three very different culinary journeys for you to take. Here’s what I recommend the next time you find yourself at 1221 at MFP.

The Yellowfin Tuna Crudo in the 1st part of the menu is simply divine. They mix two trendy yet delicious items: Wasabi and Avocado, into a mousse along with some smoked sesame seeds and crispy quinoa. The crunchy elements to this dish actually brought it all together for me, however the Tuna was simply divine and made for a great introduction to my evening.

Credit: Eric Striffler

The second part of the menu excelled 100 percent with their Charred Octopus. It came with Peruvian peppers, Tarrago Aioli and Black Garlic Ponzo which translates to freaking delicious. It’s the best octopus I’ve had in a while as its supporting cast helped make the plate shine in more ways than one.

The third part of the menu had me enjoying their Organic Chicken Ballotine to a level that was almost frightening. Why? For one, the chicken was perfectly cooked. There was so much added into the dish as well, including the Truffle Fontina and Forest Mushrooms that made it taste that much better.

Overall, 1221 at MFP did a great job in creating a fun and innovative menu that worked on all cylinders. Definitely a place you’ll want to stop by at if you are heading towards Long Island this weekend and beyond.

Credit: Eric Striffler

For more information on 1221 at MFP, please check out their official website.