Jax B-B-Q
Credit: Jax B-B-Q

Barbecue isn’t exactly one type of cuisine that Manhattan is known for. We excel in so many other kinds that it’s truly hard to find a place that serves some delicious BBQ-inspired items for us to whet our appetites with in our concrete jungle. Luckily, there’s a hidden gem in Hell’s Kitchen called Jax B-B-Q that takes the concept of said BBQ and elevates it to a whole other level.

Jax B-B-Q is located on 9th avenue between 38th and 39th street, a fairly easy commute from several top tourist spots in NYC like Times Square and more. The great part of where this is, however, is that it isn’t as jam packed as the avenues that occur before it, making the surrounding area a tad quieter if that’s your sort of vibe (raises hand).

Credit: Jax B-B-Q

The inside of Jax is pretty par for the course compared to the other BBQ type of restaurants I have gone to. Simple seating, sprawling bar… and not much else. Ambiance and BBQ, at least from my point of view, aren’t necessarily a combination that needs to happen when it comes to serving this kind of cuisine. This is not an insult to the establishment, more of a compliment as its what I would expect a place like this to look like when I come in. And that is more than fine with me.

The menu at Jax B-B-Q is split up into some very delicious categories that starts with salads and goes all the way to sandwiches, burgers and of course your pickings of BBQ-related items that are truly finger licking good.

Here is what I would recommend the next time you stop by there. For one, I am a lover of all things wings. I’ve never had a wing I didn’t like, and their hot version with blue cheese is a classic and tasty example of how great this item can really be. No joke, I ate most of them as my friends watched.

Credit: Jax B-B-Q

Your best bet, because this is a BBQ joint, would be to aim towards the platters as you get the best bang for your buck (you’ll notice on the menu that nothing is too overly expensive for those who want to dine on a budget).

Their Beef Brisket Platter, which comes with dry rub, is a perfect choice on what to get at Jax. The dry rub is intoxicating along with the perfectly cooked brisket, and you get to choose one delicious side along with their house slaw. I would choose between the Brown Sugar Yams or the Mac N Cheese Vermont Cheddar, because, well… they are dynamite and I don’t have to say anything else.

Overall, Jax B-B-Q fits the mold of what a place like this is supposed to be and I look forward to going back for another round sometime soon. For more information, click here.