Proper Food
Credit: Proper Food

Fast casual has become extraordinarily popular here in Manhattan, but so has the concept of grab-and-go. There’s a difference: the former is an elevated lunch that you generally sit down with next to your friends and colleagues. The latter, well, is pretty self-explanatory. Proper Food, which recently opened its doors on Wall Street, is a wonderful spot to grab a variety of fresh and healthy items available to you the minute you walk inside.

It’s a pretty smart location for Proper Food to open their doors in, given how busy this area is during the daytime compared to at night where it literally becomes a ghost town come quitting time.

Credit: Proper Food

Proper Food started on the West Coast in California and has now made its way 3,000 miles to our humble abode of New York City with some of the tastiest breakfast and lunch items for you to devour that will fill up your stomach in all the right ways.

The all-natural grab-and-go store focuses on providing fresh, honest, fare to the busy employees and young professional residents of the lower Manhattan neighborhood for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Following the seasons—the menu offers a rotation of eclectic and unique items that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in a grab-and-go restaurant, and are curated from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Credit: Proper Food

It is incredibly vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friendly and with recipes curated by Michelin kitchen trained Executive Chef Juan Munozthe menu has something for everyone and sure to be Fi-Di’s new go-to for a delicious, nutritious and incredibly speedy meal.

Chef Munoz and co aren’t just making one type of cuisine that you see at other grab-n-go establishments. Oh no, they are all encompassing when it comes to feeding hundreds of mouths on the daily with unique concepts that will make you think differently on what a breakfast and lunch meal can be. Look at these items for instance:

  • Croissant Breakfast Sandwich: Sunny-side up free-range egg, bacon, New York white cheddar, freshly baked butter croissant
  • Pulpo Ensalada: Wild octopus, baby romaine, farro, sun-dried tomato pesto, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, chives, grilled corn, parsley, olive oil with lemon zest
  • Charbroiled Flank Steak, Rice and Bean Bowl: All-natural flank steak, black beans, cannellini beans, Mexican red rice, queso fresco, shredded iceberg lettuce, avocado, crispy corn tortillas, house-made lime vinaigrette
  • Seared Lemon Pepper Tuna Salad: Line-caught Ahi tuna, saffron-infused basmati rice, beluga lentils, roasted almonds, Roma tomatoes, kale, house-made sherry vinaigrette
  • PB&J: House-made coconut peanut butter, Proper Food’s own all-natural jam, bananas, and walnut bread
Credit: Proper Food

I mean, if that doesn’t tickle your culinary fancy, I don’t know what will.

For more information on Proper Food, please check out their official website.