Credit: The Woodlot

The Woodlot has arrived in Hell’s Kitchen, and this particular writer hopes it never leaves based on how freaking good the food, ambiance and more was when I visited there recently.

Hell’s Kitchen is one of the easiest areas to get to in Manhattan, especially for tourists who find themselves in Times Square and the surrounding areas.

When entering this part of NYC, there are a ton of wonderful restaurants to dine in that showcase just how stellar the food scene is here in our humble abode. The Woodlot, located on the corner of 9th avenue and 50th street, is one of those places as I am still salivating over what me and my friend was provided with.

The Woodlot is a moderately sized space (as many are in Hell’s Kitchen) with comfortable seating in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a place where the food itself is pretty simple and par for the course: comfort food done right.

Comfort food is that perfect kind of cuisine you want to enjoy in the colder months. What The Woodlot provided defines what this sort of food can really be if its executed perfectly, which is exactly what they did.

Let’s start with the pizza, which is a New York City staple. For the meat lover that’s inside of you (minus you vegetarians and vegans, no shade) then their Godzilla will do the trick. The way the pizza is made is not Chicago-style but not New York-style, it’s somewhere in the middle.

The Godzilla is one of the best slices of pizza I’ve ever had. It comes with bacon, meatballs, prosciutto, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, miso and parmesan. Get in my mouth the sequel, for real. Delicious.

Other standouts on their small plates included their Crispy Shrimp with citrus mayo (yum), scallions and sesame seeds as well as their Duck Wings with sriracha butter (yummy) and maytag blue cheese dip. Small plates with a ton of flavor, as both of these appetizer staples are items I would order over and over again.

Don’t just take my word for it. Head to The Woodlot for food, fun and more this weekend and beyond.

For more information on The Woodlot, please check out their official website.