CMX CinéBistro
Credit: CMX CinéBistro

CMX CinéBistro is the future when it comes to what you really, REALLY can experience during your next visit to the movie theaters. Think seeing a movie only requires popcorn, soda and a semi-broken chair to watch it in? Think again.

The CMX CinéBistro location just opened a couple of months ago in the Upper East Side on 62nd and 1st Avenue, surrounded by a ton of other New York City hotspots like Treadwell Park and Imli.

It’s hard for me to really contain my excitement when writing about just how fabulous CMX CinéBistro is. What blows my mind about the whole thing is that I never thought you could experience something so lush and spectacular all in one setting.

Credit: CMX CinéBistro

For one, the place is huge. There are several sections of it that go beyond seeing the film you desire to watch. They have a gorgeous bar on one of the top floors where you can chill with a delicious drink next to your loved ones and chat it up before the movie begins.

That’s all and fun (and it really is fun based on the banter that I had with the bartender last Thursday evening), but the magic really does happen inside the theater.

Here is where you can sit down in their oversized reclining seats and peruse a menu that echo what you would see at a fine dining establishment.

Who knew lobster could be part of your movie-going experience? It can, it has, and its spectacular (Seinfeld quote for those not in the know). The menu that is provided has their own “movie” type lingo in terms of the kinds of food you can order.

Credit: CMX CinéBistro

There are the “previews” which are the appetizers. Here awaits a ton of upscale and fantastic dishes to choose from including their Lobster Cannolis, Smoked Bacon and Wagyu Beef Sliders. I opted for the Lobster and it was simply heaven. But let me get through the menu before I describe how all of this works out.

Then there’s sandwiches and “features”… the latter of which are main courses. The features are decadent and delicious, with items like Petite Filet and Short Rib Mac & Cheese for you to enjoy. I opted for a sandwich, and their Barnyard Chicken did the trick. This sandwich is not for the faint of heart, it comes with Grilled Chicken, Shaved Ham, Bacon, Smoked Gouda, Melted Fontina, Salsa Verde and a Fried Egg. Get it with a side of fries… and you’re in heaven.

Here’s where it gets interesting. You have a wonderful waiter take your order who then presents you with these dishes right before the shoe begins. My waiter at CMX CinéBistro was and is legally blind, and he mentioned that this movie chain (there are several across the country) hired him with no judgment about his disability.

Then you can kick back, relax, enjoy your food, and watch the show. This is a concept that I think is truly fun and one that you should definitely experience during the holidays and beyond.

Credit: CMX CinéBistro

For more information on CMX CinéBistro, please check out their official website.