Credit: Zavo Restaurant and Lounge

New York City is full of chic and sophisticated places that reek (in a good way) of elegance when you walk inside. Zavo Restaurant and Lounge is one of those places, and is a wonderful addition to the already area of Manhattan knows as The Upper East Side.

Zavo is conveniently located next to one of the most fun and whimsical spaces in NYC: Dylan’s Candy Bar. It’s also steps (literal steps) away from the N/Q/R/6 train for those of us who don’t enjoy those long walks on the cold Manhattan streets this time of year.

Credit: Zavo Restaurant and Lounge

You are transported to a different world when you walk inside Zavo. The space calls for one of both to happen: a large party of friends and family where a ton of people are celebrating a birthday or each other’s company or an intimate dinner for two. I opted for the latter and headed towards the back where it was a bit more quiet for me and my guest during a chilly winter night recently.

There were many things I took notice of within the first 10 minutes of sitting down at Zavo. For one, the service was beyond professional and impeccable. Every restaurant should have a wait staff like this, and they excelled in this in terms of the knowledge of the menu and helping us with each and every course along the way.

As for the decor, well, it’s simply stunning. The furnishings and so much more are so inviting year round, but this time of year they just glisten right when you walk in.

Now let’s talk about the food, which is Mediterranean cuisine done right. It is chock full of tasty items that range from starters to pastas and so much more, all with a Mediterranean flare that is simply delicious.

Credit: Zavo Restaurant and Lounge

Standout dishes for me were their Shrimp Cazuela with garlic and parsley and Hand-Cut Truffle Fries with herbs and pecorino from the starter section. The sauce they were able to get out of the jumbo shrimp was superb and one that I would bottle up instantly. Fries are my best friend in the food world, and I can add these into the group text of yumminess as they were that darn good.

Their Lamb Chops, pictured all the way at the top, were superb, perfectly cooked and exactly the kind of meal you should get at a place like this. Throw in a side of grilled asparagus and you’ll be all set. Zavo is definitely a place I would recommend for the holidays and more.

For more information on Zavo, please check out their official website.