Linda Collins
Credit: Linda Collins

The world of entertainment almost requires you to be talented in more than one medium nowadays. This rings true for Linda Collins, who has excelled in the world of acting and music over the course of her burgeoning career.

She began her career in a very low place: playing in pit orchestras as well as symphonies and ballets. This was something she did before transitioning into acting full time.

Since then she has earned over 20 major acting credits over the course of the past decade, working alongside other talents like Abigail Spencer, Jim Gaffigan and more.

Linda has a lot coming up acting wise that will sure help fuel her acting career in 2019 and beyond, including principle roles in crime thriller The Stable and the Terry Wickham directed thriller Double Vision.

Linda chatted with us about her decision to make acting a full time thing, who inspires her the most in this profession, her upcoming gigs and more.

What made you want to get out of the pit and onto the big screen?

I have always enjoyed being onstage as an actor and/or a musician, even as a child. Playing beautiful and dramatic music in pit orchestras had its own rewards -, supporting the action onstage, and it also paid the bills! But I absolutely love the genre of film, and the creative process involved in being part of that storytelling art form in a personal way as part of the cast.

Is there anyone you identify with the most when it comes to acting influences?

I love to watch and learn from so many actors- Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, Diane Lane and Nicole Kidman are some of my favorites.

Tell us about your upcoming roles in The Stable and Officer Miller

The Stable is a crime drama, with a socially relevant theme. I play one of the lead roles as the head of a crime ring, which is exciting to me, as it is obviously not my actual personality which makes it challenging and interesting to play. In Double Vision, I play Officer Miller, a cop/dispatcher in a supporting role of a good guy, someone on the other side of the law from my character in The Stable.

Are you more prone to doing dramatic/thriller type work or would you like to take a stab at comedy as well?

I do love dramatic/thriller work, but also am a science buff and would love to do some Sci-Fi work ( I’ve always loved reading and watching Sci-Fi, and as far as comedy, I love doing comedy as well.)

You’ve kind of been all over the place geographically. Is there one area of the country that you truly call home?

Winnipeg, CA was home for many years, and I will always love Canada. I have a goddaughter there and still am close to her family. But in the states, other than NYC, my heart home is Nashville, Tennessee where I played in the studios and even got to do things like being backup singer for Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow on the CMT Awards.

What are your thoughts on the recently announced Oscar nods? 

I haven’t seen all the films yet, but all the actors nominated are impressive, and the films I’ve seen of the lineup have all moved me in some way– I’m looking forward to seeing what the ceremony holds.

Any other big projects coming up in 2019 and beyond? 

I have recently been cast in award winning legendary Director/Writer John Gallagher’s upcoming feature film All Mobbed Up, which I’m super excited about. I also just was cast in a short film called Perception, written and directed by Andres Irias, I’m looking forward to 2019 unfolding!

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