FAO Schwarz
Credit: Richard Cadan

Iconic locations in New York City keep on closing and closing and closing. When FAO Schwarz shut their original space down a couple of years ago, my heart was broken. Many others were as well. Well, they are back, and better than ever, in a new space that is worth the visit, the happiness, the nostalgia and more.

The American toy store has returned, and boy are we happy. When places like FAO and Toys R’ Us closed for good, many of us felt like a bit of our childhood was taken away. Gone were the days that these sort of spaces existed for future generations to enjoy the way that we did. Now FAO has returned and has opened up shop in an equally legendary space: Rockefeller Plaza.

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 15: Neil Patrick Harris, Whoopi Goldberg, and David Burtka attend as FAO Schwarz opens its flagship store at 30 Rockfeller Plaza on November 15, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for FAO Schwarz)

FAO Schwarz opened its doors again back in November of last year, and has already been inundated by thousands of toy loving individuals and celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Neil Patrick Harris and Bethenny Frankel to name a few.

“FAO Schwarz was built on in-store experiences, which has made it a global destination over the years.” said David Conn, CEO of ThreeSixty Brands, owners of the FAO Schwarz brand. “We are bringing back the wonderment of toys and a deep nostalgia for the larger than life experience that FAO Schwarz has offered to parents and children alike for over 150 years.”

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 16: Guests line up outside as FAO Schwarz Opens Flagship Store In New York City At 30 Rockfeller Plaza at FAO Schwarz on November 16, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for FAO Schwarz)

The location of the new FAO Schwarz couldn’t be more perfect, as its situated right next to the towering Christmas tree that millions of people flock to each year to view and take photos of. This made the experience that much more special when I stopped by there with my nephew last week.

Even though it was pouring rain outside, there was still tons of people waiting in line to go in and see what the new space was all about. What was great, at least from my point of view, was that nothing has really changed.

Any kind of imaginative toy you want is there. The dance-on piano made famous in the Tom Hanks movie Big from the 90’s is there. You have so many fabulous things to experience during your walk through that its hard to not leave with a smile on your face.

Credit: Richard Cadan

For instance, my nephew got his own remote controlled car crafted and designed within a matter of minutes courtesy of some wonderful employees of FAO Schwarz. If you have hankering for some sweets then there is a bevy of candy options available at your disposal.

Credit: Richard Cadan

It’s as simple as this: FAO Schwarz is proof that you can go away and come back stronger than ever. I am thrilled that this place is back and am sure you will be as well.

For more information on FAO Schwarz, please check out their official website.