Angela LaRosa
Credit: Legacy Projects

The title of Angela LaRosa’s book should resonate with anyone who is having a hard time keeping their chin up in the world we live in today. Smile! Be Happy! Life Lessons From an Uncommon Housewife dives into the trials and tribulations she’s gone through in her life and how she manages to still see things from a glass half full point of view all this time later.

Life has not always been easy for the mother-of-four. Angela discusses many facets in her life that were challenging including losing her mother at a young age, being diagnosed with a brain tumor and raising a child with autism just to name a few.

There’s also that whole thing of being an everyday person and the problems those present as well. The Brooklyn native discusses how she has gotten through those tough times in a variety of ways that include her faith and commitment to God.

Angela sat down with us to talk about her book, how she broke each chapter of it down and how her optimism can shed a new light on your own life in 2019.

You have clearly been through quite a lot in your life. Was your pain and suffering the true inspiration behind this book, or was it something much bigger than that?

I know that we all have a story, I felt that sharing mine might help other people deal with theirs. I believe that we all experience a lot of the same things throughout life and that staying positive and believing in God helps us to have a positive outcome.

Was the title of the book something you thought of immediately or were there other options?

The title took some time. My husband helped me with it and he is very proud about his contribution…and doesn’t stop taking credit for it.

Credit: Legacy Projects

The cover of the book has a sort of tongue-in-cheek feel to it. Did you want the design to be that way from the get-go as opposed to something more serious?

I wanted it to be fun and light! I had lots of different ideas but this stood out, once I saw it I fell in love with it.

How are the chapters broken down in this book?

The book is short, sweet and relatable to many. Some chapters are personal stories, some are about self-reflecting and some are lessons I’ve learned along the way with tidbits of suggestions and on how I’ve achieved happiness through it all.

Is there one particular experience you touch on in the book that resonates with you more than others, both currently and all time?

Yes. Prayer. Praying is so important to me and I have witnessed time after time how the act of praying has carried me out of despair and into a happy place.  Prayer works and I believe we can all live our fullest lives with doing so.  Communication is the key to a happy life and communicating with the Lord above through prayer has gotten me to where I am today. Happy and blessed!

How do you hope your readers find their “Happy” this holiday season and beyond?

Life can be extremely challenging at times. I pray that my readers will find their happy through their own commitment to God and having faith that all is well in their lives.  Happiness is a choice but sometimes we can get stuck…give it to God and trust that he’s got this! We are not alone!

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