Big Mozz
Credit: Marino PR

Chelsea Market has easily become one of the trendiest places to be in, primarily because of the variety of culinary delights that exist within its massive property. Big Mozz, which specializes in deliciously cheesy creations, just opened there last week and they are providing several reasons why you should visit this year.

The Chelsea Market location for Big Mozz happens to be their first brick and mortar, and it couldn’t come at a better time due to the vast majority of foodies who will be on the hunt for something new to devour in 2019.

Credit: Marino PR

Their existence within the popular foodie spot has already caught steam with the public, as the lines to order their scrumptious items were long only a day or two after opening.

The menu for Big Mozz isn’t overly complicated but it doesn’t need to be. There are only a handful of items on the menu, however each of them excel in what you can do when it comes to fresh cheese paired with something sinfully tasty.

Credit: Marino PR

This includes their perfectly made Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Parm Bites and my absolute favorite… The Mozz Bomb. This comes packed with fresh mozzarella stretched to order and injected with basil pesto. Cut a piece of that with some fresh prosciutto, cut up tomatoes and a crostini and you are in absolute heaven.

Check out their official Instagram here for more information.