Credit: Paul Prince

PortuGrill is a brand new restaurant location in the Upper East Side that will hopefully be the name of everyone’s lips in 2019. The piri piri chicken concept takes what could be considered a bland lunch option and elevates it with flavors and taste that is worth the 1st, 2nd and 3rd try.

Whereas there are some great fast casual places to go to in New York City, there are several others that are simply boring and redundant. PortuGrill is not one of those, they are the bomb. I’m still salivating over what I ate there over the weekend with my friend and am wondering if I should stop writing this article, hop in a cab and enjoy another round of what they prepared for me.

Owner Albert Papouchado, who spent 20 years in the clothing industry before jumping into the hospitality industry at the former Chazal Bistro, turned his love for Portuguese charcoal broiled chicken into a specialized dining concept. Chef Leon DeLacruz, who received his culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute and spent time in several steakhouses and hotel kitchens before making his way to the United States, is now leading the kitchen. Eddie Fahmy of a2z Restaurant Consulting is the consultant and the designer.

The space inside that these men created isn’t big, simply 12 seats for you to chow down on their food or take it to go. It doesn’t matter… the food is amazing.

Essentially you can order a variety of meats that they have available like breasts, wings, sausage and so on which can be paired with some fantastic sides. All of the meat options work, notably the sausage and chicken as the flavor profiles on them are absurd.

I happen to also be a fan of sides, consider me the side chick of sides in this case. Their Fire Grilled Pineapple has to be one of the best sides I’ve ever had as it pairs so incredibly well with the seasoned meat. The sweetness from it is so pungent that it blends well with everything else on the plate. If that doesn’t work then their white rice with peas and carrots or grilled veggies will do the trick.

Overall PortuGrill gets a ten out of ten in my book for what they were able to deliver. Now it’s your turn to see what all the fuss is about.

For more information on PortuGrill, please check out their official website.