The Wagner
Credit: The Wagner

The Wagner in Battery Park might be a tad left of center when it comes to the geographical map that is Manhattan, however its a place that is worth the check in and more due to a variety of amenities that this unbelievably gorgeous place provides once you enter its property.

The only (slight) negative that I found regarding my recent stay at The Wagner was where it was located, as Battery Park can be seen as a pain to travel to and that there isn’t really much going on outside of the premises that is walking distance.

Credit: The Wagner

My ignorance about that mindset was turned completely off after witnessing just how stunning this hotel really is. The majesticness (that’s not even a word but I’m creating it now) of the lobby alone is worth the view, not to mention just how friendly and professional the staff is that awaits you when you arrive.

The Wagner is classified as luxury when it comes to the kind of hotel you are looking to reserve. Nothing wrong with spending a couple of extra dollars if you have it for this sort of place, as they provide you with a unique experience that any person visiting Manhattan should have when traveling here.

What got me more than anything was the room I was staying in, which is labeled as one with a Statue of Liberty view. Even though it was a snowy day when I stayed, I was instantly taken in by how breathtaking the views of where my room was as our beautiful city acted as such a wonderful backdrop. There was also a telescope right by one of the windows that you could use for a closer view of it all.

Credit: The Wagner

The room itself was grand and chic, with one side acting as a sprawling living room for you to relax at after a long day and the other side being an absurdly comfortable bed with all the fixings like a big television and stunning bathroom that could be photographed in any of the big travel publications. I didn’t want to leave, even to go run downstairs for a bite to eat at their 2West restaurant (more on that separately) as there was such a wonderfully special aspect to the room I was staying in.

There are other amenities worth looking into while there. You have your basics of WiFi and all that stuff, but there is also the Liberty Lounge located on the 11th floor that provides a delicious complimentary breakfast, energizing snacks and more throughout the day as you take in the sights and sounds of The Big Apple in the background.

Credit: The Wagner

Overall The Wagner gets a 10/10 in my book for everything they provided and then some. I cannot wait to go back there and experience it all over again sometime soon.

For more information on The Wagner Hotel, please check out their official website.