Woodbury Common
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Manhattan is one of the greatest places in the world for everything fashion… however much of what you seek comes at a pretty hefty price tag. This is the time of year where locals are trying to get away from it all while still looking fantastic in the process. Woodbury Common, which is a short drive/train ride away from our humble abode, is able to provide you with a unique getaway that includes all your favorite designers and name brands at a much cheaper cost (but still retaining its fabulosity in the process).

Shopping (meaning going somewhere physically) for this particular writer will always be something that is fun. There really is zero thrill when it comes to ordering an item online, as how are you going to really get excited from sitting on your couch and clicking a couple of buttons? I think not.

Credit: Focus Media USA

Woodbury Common gives you an exhilarating feeling when it comes to the sport known as shopping for so many reasons. Located in Central Valley, NY, it is considered to be one of the largest contiguous outlet centers in the world.

This is a place that goes beyond being a simple outlet store that looks like it hasn’t been updated since Billy Ocean released a noteworthy album. Woodbury Common provides a unique shopping opportunity for all who come, whether its by car, bus, plane or more.

Billed as the “ultimate destination for shopping and dining,” Woodbury Common provides endless amounts of stores within a layout that is fun to walk around in. This is a trip that requires stamina, energy and a good pair of walking shoes as the space really is that big that it could take hours to go through it all, maybe even a day or two.

The areas of Woodbury Common are divided into legendary areas that make up New York State. So in The Hamptons section you will find popular shopping options like LaCoste, Polo Ralph Lauren and more. The Adirondacks brings you top designers like Tom Ford and BCBG Max Azria, while in Saratoga you will check out items in Crocs and Nike.

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If you get hungry, and chances are you will, there are several different areas that can provide you with something to fill your bellies before you continue shopping. Whether its outlet favorites like Shake Shack and Cinnabon or enjoying a cocktail on their property at Black Dirt Bourbon Bar, chances are that Woodbury Common has you covered when it comes to the yummy food and drink you will experience while there.

Travel options run in the plenty when it comes to entering and exiting Woodbury Common. An easy option for most Manhattanites would be to take the bus that runs several times a day there from Port Authority. A relaxing ride will find you on Woodbury’s beautiful property in no time, where your exciting shopping excursion will begin again.

Credit: Focus Media USA

I went there last week and had an unbelievably exciting time with a friend of mine. Places like Woodbury Common are a vital reason why we need to keep the shopping experience alive, and this is a good place to start for anyone who hasn’t grabbed their wallet to drop some needed cash on something great in 2019.

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