Intersect By Lexus
Credit: LaForce

Who knew food and technology could blend so well together? That’s exactly what me and my friend were treated to when we stopped by the chic and incredible Intersect by Lexus in the West Village.

Intersect by Lexus is in a very smart area of New York City: The Meatpacking District. Everything about this part of The Big Apple is so sophisticated from the fashions to the food and so much more.

The area inside is amazing to look at as it seems to go on and on and on… with a special treat that we experienced that was truly awe-inspiring after our delicious meal. The architecture is stellar, as you can walk around its premises and be dazzled by just how beautiful everything is. This is a situation where having to wait for your table can be a good thing as you can experience the beauty of Intersect by Lexus in every which way possible.

What’s also phenomenal about Intersect by Lexus is that they keep the menu and concepts fresh for everyone who comes in. They rotate chefs on a global level every couple of months, where each brings something to the table and your mouth that is nothing short of unreal.

This time around its world renowned French chef Gregory Marchand, who has taken his culinary expertise and brought it to the greatest city in the world for us to try. And he didn’t let either of us down with his perfectly executed meals that I am still salivating about all this time later.

For their starters, I will simply beg each of you to try his Carrots and Gnocchi. The carrot preparation is simple: feta, tarragon, persimmon. Three ingredients that compliment the popular vegetable that left me in a state of culinary euphoria. For the gnocchi, once again, it was simple: mushroom, sweetbread, Buerre Blanc. Yet everything worked well together and it was easily one of the best gnocchis I’ve had in ages.

I had Chef Marchand’s Lamb Ragu for the main entree. This is a dish that tends to be a bit heavier than most yet I didn’t feel overtly full after having it. The Lamb was cooked perfectly and all of the other components in the dish sang wonderfully.

Credit: LaForce

There is also an amazing art installation located on the top floor of Intersect by Lexus called Essential Invisible. All of the installations are touch friendly as you move along with the colorful displays that make the overall experience there something truly memorable.

For more on Intersect by Lexus, please check out their official website.