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Given it costs less than $100 to travel from New York to Montreal by train, the popular Canadian city has become an attractive destination for Manhattan residents wanting to experience its delights. As the largest city in Canada’s Québec province, Montreal has lots to inspire, invigorate and excite the traveler but if you’re stuck for time or only have a few days to explore, our handy guide will help you discover the must-see sights.

History and Cutlure, wandering Mont-Royal and beyond

There are few better places to start your journey exploring Montreal than a walk up to Mont-Royal. Greeting you at the top is the Belvedere Observatory offering eye-catching views of the downtown cityscape. For more history, head on over to the Notre-Dame Basilica, a magnificent church built in 1656. The stained glass windows are some of the most frequented sights in the city thanks to their celebration of Montreal’s history. And don’t miss the chapel at the back. You can also get a genuine feel of the culture and heritage of the city with a walk down St. Paul’s Street, its various buildings showcasing the diverse influence of Europe on Montreal. There are loads of bars and restaurants here too so make sure you stop off while sightseeing.

Entertainment at Casino de Montreal

Casino de Montreal is located in Jean-Drapeau Park across from Montréal’s Old Port. But it’s not just a casino: this comprehensive entertainment venue boasts shows, restaurants, bars and even a Cabaret. Allow yourself time to prepare for your evening in this gambling mecca by playing popular games such as baccarat, poker and slot machines via Canadian platforms like LeoVegas or Spin Casino online. If you’re unsure about betting online InstaDebit lets you pay a merchant instantly from your bank account and is 100% secure with fast withdrawals. Prepping like this is a great way to feel more comfortable when you sit down at that roulette or poker table, meaning you’ll enjoy the experience a whole lot more.

Great Food at at Le Coq de l’Est 2015

Ranked number one on the places to eat in Montreal by Eater, this Pakistani-influenced restaurant celebrates the mix of cultures present in Montreal now and throughout its history. A casual venue specializing in chicken, local vegetables and an assortment of wine and beer, Le Coq de l’Est 2015 sees chef Omar Zabuair bring tandoori spice to the classic roasted bird. There is, of course, poutine on the menu, a classic Quebec dish and a must-eat in Montreal. The combination of fries, gravy and cheese curds is delicious. If you want to fit in with the locals, try this dish.
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Get closer to the city… from far away.

Scale the second tallest skyscraper in the city for $20 and you’ll experience a view of Montreal you won’t forget. You’ll see the urban landscape and the hilly surrounds of the South Shore, framed by the Mont-Royal mountain. Your view will be complemented by River St. Lawrence snaking its way past the city’s major landmarks such as the Olympic Stadium. Add to your experience by also visiting the Biodome which was once used for cycling events at the 1976 Olympic Games and is now a sanctuary for an assortment of wildlife including some lovable penguins.

When New Yorkers want to get away for a couple of days, a short trip north over the border can excite the senses, titillate the taste buds and invigorate the world traveller inside you. Given that you can travel by car, bus, rail or air and that fares are relatively inexpensive, Montreal has become a popular destination for good reason. Our handy guide will hopefully leave you feeling like you’ve truly experienced what Montreal has to offer.