Credit: Mark Giarrusso

Manhattan Digest is full of recommendations for amazing restaurants in our foodie city. But dinner is not the end of the night in the city that never sleeps. Instead of heading to a bar or club after a meal, try one of these fun activities for your evening out in New York City.

Get a Tarot Reading

Take a walk through Chelsea Market and find a psychic to do a tarot or palm reading. It’s very interesting and they can be insightful. It is not often someone pays you complete attention and tries to read you and learn the direction of your future. Even if you don’t believe their predictions, it’s a truly unique experience, and you are sure to learn something about yourself, so it can really help with self-development and improvement. If nothing else, it’s a story to tell! If you are keen to give psychic readings a go, but feel a little nervous or skeptical, there are also options online to try out before meeting with a psychic in person.

Watch The Sunset

Walk along the high line or catch the subway to Coney Island or the ferry to Governors or Staten Island for a peaceful moment watching the sun fall behind the horizon. The view of the statue of liberty at sunset from the ferry can’t be beaten, and Coney Island is quieter at night, allowing you to paddle in the water or sit on the beach with friends and have a moment away from the busy city.

Barter for Cheap Tickets to a Broadway Show

Broadway shows are amazing; they are probably the most memorable way to spend an evening in Manhattan. There are so many incredible musicals on offer; it’s easy to want to see them all. But with the price tag that comes along with them, it makes the goal to see them all slightly (very much) less achievable. Luckily, there are a few hacks to bump the price several tiers down. If you frantically run between the different theatres in the hour before they start and haggle with the ticket vendors, you can bag a sweet deal on seats they have not managed to sell.

Play Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is an old game, but recently reinvigorated with new energy. You slide a puck down a long smooth table and wherever it lands determines the potential points for that round. ‘Potential’ because the points for that round depend on where your disc lands at the end – which could be off the table if your opponent knocks it out! There are now many bars with shuffleboard tables, and the game is so fun, easy and healthily competitive. Some people have the natural talent to land in the best place; others need a little more practice. People into pool and bowling will love to try shuffleboard, but it’s easy enough that anyone can have a go. Some of the coolest bars with shuffleboard are listed on murphguide.

In this city of wonderful opportunities, not every night has to end in dinner or drinks. Go explore on your next evening out. Try something new, visit a new place, and fall in love with Manhattan all over again.