Not every break up makes sense, and sometimes they can happen due to interference in a relationship from friends or family members.

If you are regretting letting someone special get away due to rumors or because a friend didn’t like him or her, consider these tips for keeping people out of your relationships.

Trust Yourself

Many people seek advice from friends or family about someone they are dating if they are unsure about a situation. It may be as minor as disliking their grooming habits or having difficulty in taking the next step with them.

However, before you seek outside advice, consider how to deal with the situation on your own. Trust yourself to figure out the answer because you’re the one in the relationship, not the outsiders.

If you still need advice, seek out professional help because professionals can give you an objective opinion.

Know What You Can Share

Before talking about your relationship with anyone, discuss what your significant other is comfortable with you sharing with friends or family. Some people are very private and don’t want anyone to know about their personal business.

So, discuss what aspects of your relationship are okay to talk about and which should be kept private. Then firmly, but politely, tell friends or family inquiring about any taboo subjects that it is something you don’t feel comfortable discussing with them.

Your SO is trusting you to keep their private life private.

End Toxic Relationships

If you find out that a certain friend or family member had a hand in ruining your relationship, you should stop contacting the toxic person.

Some people take it upon themselves to ruin other people’s relationships because they don’t think the couple belongs together, or they are jealous of it.

Even if the culprit is a parent, you need to end contact with them, at least for several weeks or months. They may realize that their actions went too far, and they were responsible for the trouble with your relationship.

If they don’t realize it and they keep interfering, shut them out of your life completely.

Keep Disagreements Private

If you’ve fought with your ex or your current love, don’t take to social media to air your grievances, especially if you have friends and family as followers.

Before you know it’s happening, the information will get back to your boy- or girlfriend, which may ignite tempers once again.

Also, don’t fight in public because it only invites others to interfere in your relationship. Sides may be taken in the fight that could surprise you and lead to problems with other relationships in your life, especially if loved ones take sides against you.

Set Boundaries

If you’re seeing someone, especially if you intend to get back together with the one that got away, then you need to set boundaries between your friends, family, and your significant other.

If people ask questions about subjects you’ve agreed not to talk about, tell them it isn’t something you discuss.

Also, if friends or family say something or display disrespect to the person you’re dating, let them know their behavior is unacceptable and that your relationship comes first.

By getting rid of the problems before they get out of hand, your relationship with your partner will be more successful.

Relationships can be difficult to navigate, and you don’t need the pressure that friends and family can add to it. Use these five tips to build trust and a better relationship.