Credit: Cantina Rooftop

One of the most colorful celebrations in the world, Cinco de Mayo, is fast approaching for many of our Manhattanites. One place that you should definitely go to for the major holiday that will leave you feeling happy you went is Cantina Rooftop, one of the most fabulous Mexican eateries in the city.

Cantina Rooftop, located on W. 48th street between 11th and 12th avenue, just opened its doors for the summer season recently.

Credit: Cantina Rooftop

This places literally screams celebration the minute you walk inside. Cantina Rooftop prides itself on so many things, one being the outdoor portion of its facility that will no doubt bring in herds of people as the weather continues to get warmer.

The food and drink portion of your experience at Cantina Rooftop is simply spectacular as well.Their culinary team easily highlights the best of the best in Mexican cuisine, from the mouthwatering tacos they supply to the variety of guacamole options that you can devour while there.

Cantina Rooftop, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Cantina Rooftop

Let’s start with their guacamole. They have the traditional kind, with serrano pepper, cilantro, lime, tomatoes and onions, which is delicious, as well as a fruit based one with mangos, apples, pomegranate, serrano pepper and lime that has a much sweeter flavor to it. My personal favorite, however is their Guacamole Chipotle with grilled corn, cilantro, lime and queso fresco. Just a spectacular explosion in your mouth that is worth diving into several times.

Their Botanas, otherwise known as appetizers, goes across the board with what you can try as a starter. The Vuelve a la Vida Cocktail isn’t a traditional cocktail. It comes with shrimp, hake fish, octopus and avocado in an Acapulco cocktail sauce. Unbelievably yummy and such a unique take on a starter meal.

They also excel in their tacos and enchiladas. Highlights from this portion of the menu are their Al Pastor and Camarones Tacos with all the fixings inside. Just open up, shove it in, and enjoy. No pun intended.

Cantina Rooftop
Credit: Cantina Rooftop

Here’s what they have going on just for the upcoming holiday. Cantina Rooftop will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo all weekend long with a cubetazo special: 6 cans of beer for $36. On Sunday, the restaurant and lounge will open at 11:00 AM for brunch and 5:00 PM for dinner and will feature music by NYC’s own DJ JAVI.

For more information on Cantina Rooftop, please check out their official website.